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Mrs. Wallerstedt. 2/19/21

Moving Forward -

Park View Families -

You should have received an email from District #44 Superintendent, Dr. Ted Stec, sharing priorities of how we can move forward as we move closer to Spring. Here is a link to his communication that was sent out this afternoon. Each elementary building is developing a plan to make those priorities realities. The way each building makes the changes outlined in the communication above may not look exactly the same due to our different circumstances (size, special programming, staffing, etc.). I will keep all of you informed as our plan takes shape for Park View.

One other important need we have to share is students coming to in-person (hybrid) learning with their chromebooks charged AND with a power cord. Batteries can be fickle, especially in extreme temperatures, and what might be fully changed upon leaving the house in the morning; can and does change at school. We do not have additional power cords at school so please create a routine to plug in the chromebooks in the evening and to put those power cords into backpacks in the morning with chromebooks. Thank You!!

Lastly (but not least), I'm so excited about the many Park View Panthers that have signed up for our virtual Science Fair. It's going to be a great learning experience for our students. This is exactly how partnering in education can be powerful as students begin to see how learning doesn't just happen in the space between the walls of the school. Learning should happen everywhere and at all times because it contributes to strong mental health for a lifetime. To help our young scientists, and parents supporting those scientists, here is the link for help sessions. We want everyone to be successful. Remember the deadline to hand in your project report is a week from today - February 26th. We are all so very proud of our Science Fair participants and we are here to help make it the best experience.

Link To Science Fair Dates To Remember

Snippets From Student Council

Dear Park View Parents,

We are writing this letter to remind you about Friendship February for our students and to encourage your Park View Panther(s) to participate. Friendship February is about spreading random acts of kindness and making someone's day. Some examples of random acts of kindness students can do are: learning a new joke to make someone laugh, shoveling someone’s driveway, walking a neighbor’s dog, or helping someone who is stuck on their homework. In conclusion, if a student participates in Friendship February they get a piece of confetti and get to hang it up on the bulletin board. Don’t forget we want to throw kindness around like confetti at Park View!!


The Student Council

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Instrumental Music Update for 4th Grade Parents!!

Dear 4th Grade Parents and Students,

The Instrumental Music Department is very excited to welcome you (the Class of 2025) to officially join Beginning Band or Beginning Orchestra this Fall! The District 44 Instrumental Music Program has a long and strong tradition of excellence, where every student has the opportunity to participate in Band or Orchestra. We look forward to welcoming you, our new class of fine Band and Orchestra Students!

Please be on the lookout for more information at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year regarding the recruitment process for the Beginning Band and Orchestra Programs.

The recruitment process includes:

  • The Beginning Band and Orchestra Program Structure and Schedule

  • Learning about the instruments in band and orchestra

  • How to decide which instrument to play

  • How to register for the Beginning Band and Orchestra Programs

We are so proud of what our students have accomplished in music this year, and we cannot wait to start you on your musical journey!

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Dates Coming Up . . . . . . .

February 22nd - PV Read-a-thon Begins!

February 24th - Rosemary & Jeans Dine Out (12:00 - 8:00 pm)

February 25th - Kindergarten Pre-Registration (5:00 - 8:00 pm) By Appointment Only

February 26th - Institute Day No School - Kindergarten Pre-Registration (7:30 - 11:30 am) By Appointment Only

March 2nd - PTA Meeting 7:00 pm

March 5th - Trimester #2 Ends

March 10th - Flats Of Flowers Orders Due

March 12th - Report Cards Open in Skyward

March 20th - Science Fair

Park View Panthers!

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