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I'm a woman and I'm very proud to consider myself a feminist. I think women can achieve anything and I think gender shouldn't hold anyone back: male or female. I'm a big sister to the most incredible brother and I hope I'm a good influence for him. I'm a friend to some great people. I'm a psychology major. I've always wanted to help people and understand why people think and act the way that they do. I'm a Jersey girl. I've lived 20 minutes from the beach my whole life and could NEVER even consider living in a land locked state. I'm very proud of being from New Jersey. I model on occasion. I've been doing some modeling since my junior year in high school. I was scouted to model in New York City but was afraid of not getting an education and decided not to do it. I also didn't feel like I needed to go on a diet at 118 pounds, so here I am. However, I will be walking as a model in Charleston Fashion week which I am super excited about. I really enjoy writing. Anytime I get stressed or sad I like to put my feeling to paper. Its very cathartic for me.

An experience that influenced me

An experienced that influenced my life happened in a hospital. I had always wanted to be a therapist but I wasn't exactly sure if I was going to pursue it. I was visiting a friend of mine in the hospital and I helped her go to the bathroom because those hospital gowns are difficult. As she was in the bathroom I noticed a man was on a stretcher in the hallway. I asked him why he was in the hallway and he said he couldn't afford to be in a room like everyone else and the reason he was there was because he tried to commit suicide by drinking himself to death. I tried asking him why he would want to do that. He explained to me how difficult his life was. I tried to tell him how good life could be and convince him that life was worth it. My friend came out of the bathroom and we left. I never found out what happened to that man but he really impacted me. He made me want to help ease other's psychological pain. It was then that I decided I wanted to pursue psychology head on.

MY INFLUENCES: My mother, My father, My brother, Larry. Taylor Swift, My old best friend, Raquel Rivera. Anna Forgach, my most recent best friend. My college friends, Billy Joel, Jimmy Naughton, My friends from high school, Coco Rocha, a famous supermodel who I met.

I want to become a clinical psychologist. I want to be well educated, independent and fun.

Who am I currently?

Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was that I am a very determined, hardworking young lady. Because of this I always stress myself out. I'm happy that I'm aware of it though, so I can work on relaxing and being less tense. I'm not a perfectionist, but I am always trying to be my best, which can be hard, especially at this age where mistakes are bound to happen. I think I'm humerus and sometimes my friends do too. But a lot of times I use jokes to push my way through awkward situations or I joke about someone's behavior as a way to tell them it bothers me. This is something that I also want to work on. I'm pretty confident in who I am at this age, which makes me happy because I wasn't always comfortable with myself. I'm very loving and caring. I think I am very empathetic and understanding of others. That's my favorite thing about myself.
Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl (Live 1975-85)
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