Project 2

1. Cheetah info.

The cheetahs population over a 10 year span is 600-700.

The food Cheetahs hunt for, range from: Gazelles, wildebeast, calves, and rabbits to, antelopes and warthogs.

The avrage life span of a cheetah is 10-12 years.

Average size of a cheetah is 44-53 in. The tail is 26-33 in.

The average speed is 64 mph.

The average cheetah can be active day and night.


An average cheetah can go 64mi. x 60 = 500 yards. Cheetahs are the fourth fastest animal on Earth!


The antelope is a prey of the cheetah. Antelopes are also known as Pronghorns. They are herbivores meaning they eat plants. Antelopes can run over 53 miles an hour. They live in areas such as grasslands and have a life span of 8-10 years.

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