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Project on Zimbabwe

Overview of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's capital is Harare. The population in Zimbabwe as of 2013 was 14.15 million people! Did you know that 1 US dollar is equal to only $0.89 in Zimbabwe? The government is a republican, semi-presidential government. Their leader is Robert Mugabe.

Signifance of the flag.

On their flag, you will see a bird and a star. The bird symbolizes the history of Zimbabwe. The star represents Marxism and the revolutionary struggle for freedom and peace.

Food and activities.

Biltong is a popular food in Zimbabwe. Biltong is a mixture of many cured meats, just like beef jerky. If you want to go somewhere and have fun, you can always go and take a helicopter ride over Victore Falls. If you are more thrill seeking, you can bungee jump off of the bridge.