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The First 20 Years of Juice Plus+

Making a Difference One Family at a Time

WELCOME to Juice Plus!

As we inspire healthy living with our family and friends, we will be creating our own product focused events. There is NO limit to how many Healthy Living Party Events you can host. That is the best part about our business is our Mission Drive Model that is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle!! We can do them at our home one on one, a friend's house, coffee shop with just two people, at the YMCA, in a gym, church, school, play group, or a park. These events can be pre-planned or spur of the moment!

To walk through your "Getting Started" Guide, watch this VIDEO webinar.

Just remember to have FUN, keep it SIMPLE and REPEAT!!

Customer Engagement is the KEY

Customer Engagement by Renee O'Neil, NMD
One Simple Change (Extended Version)
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Goals and Expectations

  1. What is your WHY? Why did you decide to start your Juice Plus+ business?
  2. What goal(s) do you have for your business?
  3. What monthly income would you like to generate from your business?
  4. To earn that amount, how many hours per week can you set aside for working on your business?
  5. How many months would you envision this taking, to build your business to achieve that monthly income?
  6. How committed are you to achieving this goal? (Scale from 1 – 10)
  7. What are your expectations for me, as your sponsor? (i.e. would you like me to check in with you if I notice you have lost your focus, do you want me to leave you alone to do your own thing, etc.)

Important Websites & Social Media Sites

Below is a list of popular websites to refer too for additional information. View these resources at your pace. Do not get overwhelmed with all this information. Remember Juice Plus is simple and just makes sense because its "Produce in a Capsule"! - The key to your success with JP This is your Virtual Office! Download this as an app on your phone! Password - campbellteam - Great to send customers on Tues night National call. - Tower Garden Curriculums!! AWESOME for those who are working with schools.

For Product Videos - click

NOTE: Check your personal Juice Plus website under "Community" daily for recent articles that you can share with family and friends!!

Social Media Sites

Join the following Facebook Pages: (please refer to the pages rules before posting or commenting). Ask your Sponsor to add you!

  • Believe in One Simple Change (For Customers Only - add your customers to this group)
  • Team Fearless (Reps only)
  • Juice Plus+ REPS - Let's Exchange Ideas (Reps only)
  • Prevention Carolinas
  • Juice Plus+ Resources
  • Juice Plus+ Gen Y
  • Juice Plus+ Athletes
  • #One Simple Change
  • TG Grant Info & Sharing
  • Tower Garden (VF Owners)
  • Tower Garden by Juice Plus

Don't forget Tower Talk lcoated on your Tower Garden Website.- Invite all your customers and potential customers because it is a great way to get growing tips and inspiration from other Tower Gardeners

Stay Connected thru VOXER

Voxer gives you instant voice on apple devices/smartphones that’s live like two-way radios. You can also send text, photos, and share your location alongside audio messages. This is a great way to communicate and keep it personal! For more information, click on the following link.

Do not get overwhelmed with Voxer!! Take your time learning how you would incorporate this into your business.

Group Chats to be added too: Team Fearless and various other groups depending on your location, distributorship level and personal groups.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never leave a chat group! Once you leave you can not be added back into the group without having to create a new Voxer account. Contact your sponsor for training!

Hosting Events

Get with your Sponsor to learn more about hosting successful events. However, here are some great tools that Juice Plus has already put together for you. Check them out by click HERE

Weekly Conference Calls

Your Success will be determined on how you embrace our MISSION DRIVEN SYSTEM and ONE SIMPLE CHANGE

Below are several weekly calls for you to dial-in to learn more and INVITE! INVITE! INVITE!


7:55-8:30pm CST / 8:55-9:30pm EST

  • Dial 712-775-7100 (access code 266440)


Sunday Night Call is to share the MISSION DRIVEN Culture/Community

8am-8:40pm CST / 9:00-9:40pm EST


(pin 717747)


Start your week off with a great call to learn more about One Simple Change and understanding your business.

9:30am-10am CST / 10:30am-11am


(pin 266440)


Tuesday Night Calls are available to EDUCATE and SHARE: (all about JP+ Product and Health message)

7am-7:30pm CST / 8am-8:30pm EST

8am-8:30pm CST / 9am-9:30pm VIRTUAL FRANCHISE OVERVIEW


(pin 717747)

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

Have you checked your Juice Plus Website "Community" tab today for the latest articles?

The Importance of Qualifying Your Business

Juice Plus Promotion

Juice Plus+ Promotions helps assist distributors in the growth of their Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden business. You can order the latest apparel, marketing materials, event giveaways and much more. Check out the link today!

Remember - new Distributors receives FREE SHIPPING on their first purchase!


Tower Garden Recipe Book

This cookbook is located on your Tower Garden website under "Resource Center". Please share YOUR personal website link when sharing with others!!!

Juice Plus Complete Recipe Book

This recipe book has over 50 recipes for you to try, share and add more ideas!!


What is a hashtag? Twitter defines a hashtag as the # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a social media post. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Best practices suggest you only use one or two hashtags in your social media posts. This is because research shows that posts with one or two hashtags had more engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.) on average than those with 3 or 4 hashtags. Of course, you don’t have to use hashtags but posts that included at least one hashtag had more interactions on average than those that did not include any.

So, overall, hashtags are a good thing! They create more engagement and are just fun. But what hashtags should you use for your business?

Branding is #1!

Always include ‘JuicePlus’ or ‘TowerGarden’ in one of your hashtags. You don’t need to mention the brand name in your actual post, just use a hashtag with the brand name in it, such as #juiceplus, #juicepluscomplete, or #towergardenrules at the end of your post.

Post Example: “Had my delicious, healthy shake for breakfast this morning and I’m feeling great! #JuicePlusComplete”

Make your 2nd hashtag interesting, relevant, and fun.

If you’re post is about your Juice Plus+ experience, use something like #HealthyLiving or #OwnYourHealth. If you’re post is about growing on your Tower Garden, you could use #GrowYourOwn. Or maybe there’s another phrase that works better for your post. Be creative and have fun with it!

When your post is a bit more business oriented, use a hashtag that speaks to that. I’ve seen reps use #LivingTheDream, #OwnYourLife, and #BeIndependent.

Post Example: “My cucumbers are growing like crazy this year! May attempt making my own pickles since I have so many. :) #TowerGarden #GrowYourOwn”.

Here are some hashtags, that are trending: (click on internet and play around with these to find more)

#lovemylife #addvaluetolife #ownmylife #ownyourlife #makealife #makeadifference

#bethechange #makingmoneyonthego #mobilebizrocks #workfromhome

#thecompoundeffect #consistencycreatesresults #inspirehealthyliving #ownyourhealth

#beyourownboss #beindependent #nomoretrafficrants #makelifecomplete

#HLR #Transform40 #Transform30 #T30 #T40 #completetransformation

#COMPLETEnutrition #fuelprotectrecover #growgoodhealth #FutureofFood

#blessedbeyondmeausure #tooblessedtobestressed #blessedtobeablessing #onesimplechange

Team Fearless

Stay tuned for upcoming events, try and attend weekly conference calls, celebrations, posts on FB Team Fearless, Voxer Msgs. and be on the look out for emails from Rhonda Hubbard and myself, the creator of this newsletter. Welcome to the Juice Plus Family where we lock arms to help each other!!

If you have any suggestions or would like for me to add to this newsletter, please contact me!

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. Jim Rohn