Look What's Happening in Year Six!

7th May 2015

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Exhibition Update

The students have been busy in their teams creating plans to explore their driver questions (concept questions). When planning to take action it is expected that the students will use a range of reliable sources to investigate the needs around their chosen issue.

Students have been challenged to gather their evidence from a range of sources including media (books, websites, videos, newspapers etc), interview, survey and/or observation/experience. MISO is an acronym we have been using to help remind the students that effective researchers gather their data from a range of primary and secondary sources in order to look for patterns in the information. The students have been busy sending emails to potential interviewees, as well as constructing survey questions to gather different perspectives around their chosen issue. Please refer to the Home Learning section below to see how you could be supporting your child at home.

Next week, the major focus during the exhibition blocks will be to use the evidence collected throughout their research to create a plan for becoming advocates.

Home Learning

The students have been asked to use their home learning time to investigate the 'Media' sources they have identified in their journals (see images below) in order to gather information about their driver questions. The information recorded must come from a range of (at least three) reliable sources and should be recorded in the students Journal/PIT Book. Each child has been asked to record their information in a table to demonstrate that the information has been gathered from at least three different sources. The students then need to look for any patterns across the three sources eg. similarities/differences, and use this to create a summary of their findings for each question. They also have access to a 'reliability' test to help them determine if a chosen source is reliable. This test can be accessed from google classrooms. We encourage you to continue to talk to your child about the exhibition process. Ask your child to share what stage of inquiry they are currently at and what they have found out about the needs around their issue.

Exploring Data

This week the students have been busy collecting, organising, representing and analysing data. More specifically, they have been constructing graphs and calculating the mode, median, mean and range of various data sets. Take a look at some of the fun we've been having during math.

Timetable Change

Please note that there has been a change to your child's timetable. PE will now be on Mondays and Fridays commencing Monday 11th until the end of the school year.

Coming Up...

Student Led Conference - May 7 and 8

House Picnic - May 12, 12pm - 2:30pm

Exhibition Evening – May 28, 6pm

Y6 Graduation – June 18

Have a great week!