Tsunamis, Be Prepared !

Tsunamis are can be deadly and very violent !

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What can be done before hand ?

First, you can find out if your area is prone to Tsunami. If you know that your town could be in danger you can ask your government to set up a Tsunami warning system, to help you know if there is one coming. Also you can check websites telling when tsunamis might come.

Save your life !!

There are many ways to help your family before a tsunami some of them are : Plan an evacuation route out of your houses if needed. Make a kit that contains any thing you think would be needed during that time. Another very important step is that you discuss about at home and get information from different website telling you when it could happen. You can also get a house insurance, in case your house you are living in gets damaged.

During a Tunami

Remember to heed for the warning and to immediately go on high grounds, some countries will have sings showing you were to go already. If the wave catches don't try to swim with it, but take something to float on and let the current take you.