by. oscar rodriguez


Do u like breaking the law? Because people with fast cars do. Bugattie and the Skyline are some of the fastest cars on the rode.


the bugattie

First up ifs the buagitte< the fastest car in the world,at a cost of 2 million dollars. It has the guinness world record verified speed of 267.8 miles per hour, there where only 450 bugatties made.

the skyline

the last one is the skyline, it can cost up to 7.5 thousand dollars in the Unitedstates. the car is not on the offical list that can be impoted to the unitedstates. Because of safty standerds and because its a right hand drive.


In conclusion the, bugatti and skyline are some of the best cars money can buy. the bugatti is the fastest car in the world, and the skyline is unique because its a right hand drive. I wonder what is would be like to drive around in a bugatti or a skyline for a day.