The Eagles Nest NMAPA Newsletter

You Are an Essential Piece of the Puzzle- 2021-2022

Our School Vision

Vision: North Metro Academy of Performing Arts will be the best charter school in the state of Georgia where students acquire the 21st century knowledge and skills ignited by the arts to be successful in high school and college.

Mission: NMAPA engages students in instruction that integrates academics and performing arts in ways that address the unique needs and interests of each student, while intentionally developing confidence, imagination and collaboration.

Instructional Expectations:

Workshop Model (Reader's, Writer's, & Math)

Integration of the Arts

High Levels of Student Engagement and Inquiry


I am a NMAPA child of Excellence who always does my best. I am Respectful and Responsible. I am Creative and Innovative. I am Focused and Determined. I am Kind and Supportive. I soar as high as an eagle on the wings of my Integrity. I am a Courageous Leader who can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. I am a NMAPA scholar and I am committed to Success!

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Car Rider Tips

We are a school with 100% car riders and it is extremly important that everyone follows the safety rules to ensure we can keep everyone safe. We will always do our best to unload as many cars as possible before school begins, however, we only have a limited amount of time do so. WIth your help, we can continue to make the experience as efficient as possible.

  • Students may enter the building from the car rider lane from 8:15am-8:35am. After that time, please park and walk your scholar into the building.
  • Our staff will open as many doors as possible, but you dont need to wait for an adult to help if your child is able to manage the doors on their own.
  • Have children ready to get out of the car as soon as it stops. Coach them to have their belongings ready to grab quickly as they exit.
  • Remember to always turn LEFT when exiting the driveway. Please do not enter the exit when arriving to the building. This can be very dangerous.

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Techniques to Manage Stress

Anger Management Strategies

If you have a habit of losing your temper, take inventory of the things that trigger your anger. Is it long lines, traffic jams, snarky comments, or excessive fatigue?

For elementary school age children anger is usually triggered by teasing, name calling, being bullied, friendship problems or seeing family members arguing or being angry with each other.

You should not blame people or external circumstances for your inability to keep your cool.

Understanding the things that trigger your anger can help you create a plan. For example, you can structure your day differently to help manage your stress/anger, or you might practice some anger management strategies before you encounter circumstances that you usually find distressing, such as:

Step Away

Adults and children can practice this strategy. When a conversation becomes heated, take a break, excuse yourself go for a walk. Children can ask permission to get water, or permission to move to another area in the classroom. A time out can be key to helping you calm your brain and your body.

Talk To A Friend

Expressing your feelings to someone that has a calming effect on you may be helpful. Please encourage your child to verbalize their anger/emotions without being physical. Students can ask permission to speak to their School Counselor.

Get Moving

Anger gives you a rush of energy. One of the best ways to put that surge to good use is to engage in physical activity. Regular exercise will help you decompress. Aerobic activity reduces stress, which might help improve your frustration tolerance. Additionally, exercise allows you to clear your mind.

Manage Your Thoughts

Angry thoughts add fuel to your anger. Thinking things like, " I can't stand it ! This traffic jam is going to ruin everything!!." Angry thoughts will only increase your frustration. When you find yourself thinking about things that fuel your anger, reframe your thoughts.

Instead, think about the facts by thinking something like, "There are millions of cars on the road every day, sometimes there will be traffic jams." Or,

"I live in a major city, I can expect to experience traffic on the road every day."

Parents, you can tell your child when they feel themselves getting angry, they can think to themselves. "I don't want to get in trouble, so I need to talk to someone."

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GCPS Covid Protocol

If a North Metro Academy student tests positive for COVID-19 or is identified as a direct contact of a COVID positive person (and isn't vaccinated), please Gloria Thomas, Assistant Principal, as well as the homeroom teacher for next steps with our GCPS quarantine protocol.

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Progress Reports

Scholars will receive their Progress Reports on Wednesday, October 6th.
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Fall Break

Faculty, Staff, and Students will celebrate Fall Break October 7th-11th. We look forward to our scholars returning to school on Tuesday, October 12th.
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Fall Book Fair

Scholars will celebrate our Fall Book Fair October 18th-22nd. Please plan to visit the media center to increase your childs home library.
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Saturday School

To continue to support our scholars' in their academic journey we will provide Saturday School for scholars on October 2nd, October 16th, November 6th, and November 13th. You will receive more information about Saturday School in your scholars' Friday Folder.
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Upcoming Events

October 7th-11th-Fall Break

October 21st-22nd- Early Release

October 29th- Character Book Parade

November 3rd- Fall Pictures

November 18th-Thanksgiving