First Grade Update

September 25, 2015

Dates to Remember:

  • Each Friday: Homework Due
  • Oct. 9: Conference Day (no school for students)
  • Oct. 12: Columbus Day (no school)
  • Oct. 23: Spirit Rally/End of 1st Nine Weeks
  • Oct. 30: Report Cards Go Home

Volunteer Opportunities Still Available!

We still have lots of available time slots if you are interested in lending an extra set of hands during first grade lunch. With three class sections this year (rather than our previous four), we'd love a little adult help! If you do volunteer for lunch buddy, we do ask that you help all first grade children, not just your child or your child's section. Thank you!!!

The link to sign up is HERE.

Weekly Happenings

This week, we continued our integration of language arts and social studies as we focused on communities. We continued discussing types of communities and designing our own community. We were sure to include the appropriate leaders and laws that would be necessary to keep us safe!

In spelling we continued our word family work with the -op family. We practiced changing beginning sounds to make new words in a same word family. We continued our King and Queen of the day interviews and writing, as well. By the end of next week, all of our 1st graders will have had their time to shine as King or Queen of the Day!

In math, we continued working with place value by increasing our work with numbers up to 120. We have had lots of practice using place value blocks (hundreds, tens, and ones) and exciting games to show numbers in standard and expanded form. We are working hard to build a solid number sense foundation!

In science, we used our scientific skills to observe and write about the growth of our rye and alfalfa grass seeds. We can't wait to plant wheat in a straw next week and see what happens!

Homework Reminders

  • Homework comes home each Friday, and is due the next Friday.
  • There are three "days" of things to complete as it fits into your schedule best. Please send any written spelling practice you do stapled to your child's homework sheet when turned in.
  • Every child needs to be reading 20 minutes per night, even if you're not doing spelling or other practice.
  • Spelling of high frequency sight words is not optional, kids will need to learn to read and spell those.
  • We will work on a word family/spelling pattern each week. The words listed on the homework sheet are a few words your child will see, but they'll be seeing and working with more words in class as well.
  • The TEKS for first grade say that children should understand word families and pattern spelling and be able to change, add, or delete letters in words to create new words.

Book Bags

Book bags will began coming home last Friday! They will be incorporated into homework assignments, but you'll need to practice reading those EACH NIGHT during the 20 minutes your child is reading.

  • Book bags should be in your child's backpack everyday. We use them in guided reading groups, in independent reading time, and with our reading buddies. We cannot give your child new books or work with your child as effectively if we are not getting the books back!

LOOP SCOOP Update (from Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Ford)

As we continue to work on making our drop off and pick up smoother we will keep you posted on the changes being made. Starting Monday, September 21 the front parking lot will be closed off during dismissal. This will aide in keeping our learners safe as well as keep the pick-up line moving in a safer manner during our dismissal time. You will see our orange cones closing off the lot on Monday afternoon.

As a reminder to those who are walking with kids, always use our crosswalks as these are the designated safe areas to walk and drivers are looking for people to cross at those points.

Specials Schedules

We have a few kids from each section who are in the 1D split. Your child's teacher will let you know if your child is in 1D for specials.

Monday: PE-1A and 1B; Art-1C; Music-1D

Tuesday: Art 1A; Music-1B; PE-1C and 1D

Wednesday: PE-1A and 1B; Music-1C; Art-1D

Thursday: Music-1A; Art-1B; PE-1C and 1D


Find the Swinging Friday schedule HERE.

Library Days


1A: Friday

1B: Friday

1C: Thursday

First Graders check out books on their assigned day in the library. Books are due back the following week on library day.