The Light Up Led Shoes

By: Kristal Lara

Led Shoes

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Informational Text

The shoes are for boys and girls.They light up for 10 hours straight!!! You can match the shoes with any fashion you want. When you walk they light up. They only have 7 colors. The colors are Red,Yellow,Green,Purple,Aqua, and White. The shoes have a changing mode also.They also have their own website called

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  • They are rechargeable
  • They are for men and women
  • They are waterproof
  • Charge them for 3 hrs and you can let them light up for 10 hrs.
  • Shoes can be cleaned with soft fabric
  • The shoes can be charge with your Iphone charger
  • Their safe to play in
  • Made with Pu Leather (a material that is made with split leather a backing cover with polyurethane.

The Cost

  1. The light up shoes bolt is $80.00 (which they come in black,white,and gray)
  2. The bolt high top is $90.00
  3. The original is $80.00
  4. The kids light up shoes are $80.00
  5. Light up shoes all black is $80.00
  6. Light up shoes all gray is $80.00 also
  7. You can get on Amazon and buy them a lot cheaper for $60.00-$50.00

Here are the gray,black,and white led shoes

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