NVHS 22-23 Newsletter #4


The final countdown!

A few things to know about this week:

Office Hours:

  • Monday & Tuesday: 9am - 2pm
  • Wednesday: 8am - 2pm
  • Thursday & Friday: 7am - 2:30pm


  • All students report to school
  • Campus opens for students @ 6:45
  • After breakfast, all students report to the gym.
  • Students will collect a new schedule upon arrival
  • Be patient as we work through the kinks of the first few days of school.
  • Remember that the parking lot is full of inexperienced drivers. Go slow and be aware of your surroundings!



Ride a Bus?
  • Your bus driver will let you know when to exit the bus.
  • All bus riders walk around the building and enter NVHS through the mall doors by the gym.
  • Pay attention to your bus number so you can find your bus in the afternoon.
  • Be patient as we work through the kinks on the first day.

Parent drop off in front of school?

  • The same procedures from last year apply.
  • If coming from Leroy, you enter the youth park from the turning lane at the entrance just past the school. (Not the NVHS circle entrance)
  • If coming from Hwy 92, enter the youth park at the first entrance and get into one of the two lines.
  • Be patient as we work through the kinks on the first couple of days.

Parent drop off in the student parking lot?

  • Enter the parking lot in the entrance closest to the football field.
  • Pull through as far as the exit of the gravel part of the lot and exit your car quickly.
  • Be careful walking to the gym as we have a lot going on in this lot.


  • Only juniors and seniors who paid for parking should be parking on campus. You should have turned in your purple card and received your pass.
  • If you are parking in the main lot, we will direct you to the next available spot.
  • Follow the directions of the duty teachers.
  • Students are not allowed to sit and wait in a vehicle.
  • Exit your car as soon as you are parked and report to the gym.
  • Students who don't follow the driving guidelines will have their parking pass revoked.



Riding a bus?
  • When you dismiss, you will report directly to your bus.
  • If you don't know your bus number, you must get this information BEFORE the bell.
  • If your last class is in P7 - P17, your quickest route is to walk outside the gym to the front.
  • Buses typically line up in the same spot each day, so this will get faster as we get accustomed to dismissal.
  • Be patient as we work out the kinks.

Parent picking you up?

  • If they are picking you up from the front circle, come to the front of school and wait on the sidewalk. We will not load car riders until the buses have left campus.
  • Pay close attention as we work with the middle school to load everyone in a timely fashion.
  • If a parent is picking you up in the main lot, they are required to be in the parking lot and parked in a parking slot before 2:30. You will meet them at the parking spot.
  • Everyone exits the parking lot from the exit closest to the football field or through the overflow lot.
  • If a middle school student is riding home with you, you are required to meet them at the front entrance and walk them to your car. Middle School students are not allowed to come to the parking lot to meet you.
  • If we see that we can't safely follow these guidelines, all pickups will be moved to the front circle.
  • Be patient as we work through the kinks.


  • Everyone is dismissing at the same bell. There are A LOT of us, so be patient and get to your dismissal area quickly.
  • When exiting the school through the mall doors, we can use all doors. We only use a single door in the mornings.



We gave some students the wrong information about new passwords. (We forgot about the grade level.)

The correct format is:

& grade level Uppercase First Initial lowercase last initial student id number

For example, using Jane Smith - a student in 5th grade with ID 1234567, the password will be:



Upcoming Events

Thursday, Aug 11: First day of school for students

Tuesday, Aug 16: Meet the Patriots

Thursday, Aug 18: Football scrimmage vs W St Mary

How will NV communicate?