Who were they?

How much do you know?

Most everyone's knowledge of ninjas comes from anything but a legitimate/rightful source. The first time many of us see a ninja, is either in a movie or video game. However, most media dosen't really illustrate and describe in a realistic manner. So how much do you actually know about these secret spies of Japan's past?

Ninjas were...

Ninjas were professional spies during the age of the samurai. Ninjas were also assassins but they were not just all about killing they were also about information and disinformation and would often belong to the lower classes of ancient Japanese society. Ninjas started popping up in Japan. It was believed to be sometime between the 12th and 15th centuries.


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The term ninja..

The term ninja did not actually appear until the 20th century. Their proper pronunciation is shinobi no mono. This is often translated as man of the shadows. Shinobi also means "stealth" and "perseverance" while mono means "person", which makes the ninja- a man of perseverance and stealth.


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