Red Wolf

About Red Wolves

Characteristic red wolf

Size :95cm - 120cm

Weight:18kg - 41kg

Top Speed:75km/h

Life Span:10 - 12 years

The red wolf is generally smaller in size than the grey wolf, found in more northern parts of North America. Red wolves are named for their cinnamon coloured fur, which is brownish-red with dark patches on their backs. Red wolves also have broad noses and large looking ears for the size of their head.

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Than eat red wolves?

Red wolves primarily eat smaller ground dwelling animals such as rabbits and rodents. Red wolves also eat birds, raccoons and other small animals.
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Where dwells Red Wolf?

The red wolf is most prevalent in China and India. In Russia, he lives near the border with China.


Today, the red wolf is no longer extinct in the wild since their reintroduction to North Carolina in 1987, and the population their is now thought to be just over 100 red wolf individuals. Nevertheless, the red wolf is still considered to be a critically endangered animal and is regarded as the 10th most endangered animal species in the world.
American Pride - The Red Wolf