36 Hours in Damascus, Syria


Syria is currently in the middle of a civil war. Even though I'm writing this as if it wasn't happening - it is an extreme risk. If you go to Syria, you are at an extreme risk of murder, kidnapping, bombings, and terrorism. Journalist are captured and murdered, very often. Everyone is at a risk of being killed by either side of the war - whether you agree with them or not. If you get captured by the other side, you will be imprisoned and most likely executed. If you need to go, go with armed government guards - who are aware of what conditions are like. Traveling to anywhere in Syria is extremely discouraged.
Damascus, Syria is the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. The amazing ancient buildings and architecture in the old city is a sight to see, and the entire town is filled with so much history and culture. The old city is starting to vanish, thanks to tourist traffic increasing at a high rate. Get over there soon if you want to see how the amazing city started.
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Friday, you fly in, and land in the amazing city of Damascus.

The Damascus Center

The Damascus Center is definitely the most recommended thing to do first. The amazing 5 star sight is a great place to start your trip. The landmark really introduces you to what Damascus is.

The National Museum of Damascus

The National Museum of Damascus is a must-see when traveling to the city. The first day you go, you want to really be introduced to the city - and this does the job. It gives you so much insight on the city's history and how it was originally was formed.

The Old City

Adding to the pattern of the city's history, there's no way to learn about it than going to where it all started. The old city has ancient buildings from medieval times and is where the city originally started from - a great place to start your trip at.



The ancient ruins at Apamea is a sigh to see, and a must-go when visiting Damascus. It's long street but worth the walk, for all the way down you can look at ancient ruins.

قصر العظم (The Azem Palace Museum)

This museum in Damascus is given all 5 stars from visitors. The amazing reviews tell how it teaches you much about the cities history - since it is located in an old, ancient house. A great place to visit on your trip.

The Army Museum

Whenever you go to a city, you need to experience it's history - especially if it has as much history as Damascus. When going to the army museum, you can see old fighter jets, army tanks, and a lot of military equipment.

Fortress Wall

This amazing monument is a great place to visit in Damascus. This preserved wall from ancient times is a breath-taking landmark you need to see during your trip.


Umayyed Mosque

This beautiful mosque is the number one place to visit in Damascus. The breath-taking religious sight is really a must-see.

Julia Dumma

If you're looking for classic Arabic food, then you've fond it. This excellent restaurant really shows you the culture of Damascus and Syria.

Destinations Day Tour

This tour takes you all around Damascus, showing you everything you need to see during your trip. A great thing to do to wrap up your vacation.

The Archaeological Park.

This stunning, relaxing scenery is really a great place to wind down. The amazing architecture around the park is amazing to view. Overall, just a great place to end the trip to Damascus.


Have your last middle eastern snack here - at the original Arabic ice cream shop. This shop is rated 4 1/2 stars by customers, and enjoyed by most.

Then after that, you board the plane, train, or bus and head home.