ANA Pulse

What's up in Analytics this week


  • Baptist Health - Kicked off with Amanda, James, and Stephen
  • Certainteed GA Segmentation - Kicked off last week with James
  • Incorporate - Kicked off last week with Michelle & James (Nikki will join this project)
  • Littleton - Being scheduled with Sunny
  • USV - To be scheduled

Sales Pipeline

Recently Closed

  • Vree Health Closed Loop

SOWs With Client

  • LWW Audit
  • Mangos/La Salle
  • Mitel - likely to sign
  • NAVEX Global Blog GA Setup & Universal
  • Philly Fun Guide Audit
  • Scuderia Systems - Very likely to sign
  • Sunoco Local Analytics - with client, on hold
  • UPMC Expansion - revisiting in February


  • PRN Closed Loop
  • Mount Holyoke


  • Pride of Maui - lost based on cost/scope they are looking for right now


  • 2 Supports in Round 1 Stage
  • 3 Supports in Phone Screen Stage
  • Actively recruiting 1 AM
  • Actively recruiting Director of Analytics

Expansion from within Seer:

  • Sunny will be taking on an additional project for us
  • Dave Zwickerill from the SEO team will be taking on a few small Analytics projects - we're very excited to have another split team member!

GA Request Form Status

  • 15 open requests
  • 3 of these requests are more than a month old

Welcome Nikki!

Nikki Maloney-Ballard joined us on 2/16 as an Analytics AM. Were glad to have her here, braving the cold, after a move from much warmer Texas.

Nikki is taking over Richardson and Drexel this week, and additional clients very soon.

Welcome, Nikki!

Goodbye Charlie & Matt!

Charlie's last day with us is Tuesday, 2/17, and Matt's last day is Friday, 2/20. We appreciate all you've done for the analytics team and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Changes to ANA Pulse

The response rate to the bandwidth check has been very low, so dropping it from the ANA Pulse for now. Please reach out to Larry or Michelle if you have bandwidth concerns.

Similar to the SEO & PPC pulses, this is moving to a bi-weekly schedule.

Is there something you'd like to see in the ANA Pulse - regularly, or just one week? Send it to