STEAM 3 News Flash

School #3 Little Falls

What is happening in STEAM

In STEAM, students have created structures to hold weight. Third-grade classes made their structures out of index cards. Students worked in groups to design and test their structure with the goal of holding the most weight. They started off using books and stacking them one by one (total of 20) to eventually testing a selected student from each homeroom. If their structures were able to hold the selected student, they moved on to the final challenge of having Mr. Rohllf (who weighs about 210-220 pounds) stand on their structures. Remarkably, we had 4 groups out of the whole third grade who were able to hold Mr. Rohllf. The groups include; Lola and Jeremy + Henry and Isla from Mr. Rohllf's class, Mattias and Gio from Mrs. Sellitto/Simmons class and Melina, Altin and Ava from Mrs. Barbella's class.

The fourth-grade classes created straw bucket towers with the goal of holding the most amount of pennies. The students worked hard designing and redesigning their structures to hopefully increase the number of pennies their structures were able to hold. In the end, 4 groups were able to hold 400+ pennies. The groups include; Michael, Nathaniel, and Max, Santino, Zach and Elijiah, and AJ, Justin and Noah from Ms. Veltre/Ostrowski's class and Rochelle and Jayden from Mrs. Lafferman's class.

In technology, both grade levels are learning how to code using They have to use logical thinking and critical thinking skills to solve and complete specific tasks in the courses they are enrolled in. We recently completed our Coding Challenge where students had one class period to try and complete one of the Hour of Code activities from If they were successful, they received a certificate of achievement and were recognized at our school wide morning meeting.


Please do not feel obligated to purchase any of these items. If you are cleaning out a closet or your basement, please keep the STEAM Lab in mind. I will update the donation list as the needs arise. THANK YOU!!!

-Cardboard (Large boxes, tubes, shoe boxes)

-craft supplies (any and all)

-paper plates (all sizes)

-tissue paper


-fake flowers and leaves (can be from old wreaths, Christmas trees and so on)

Here are some of the videos, I have shared with the students. Enjoy!

Mrs. Bonilla

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