Candy Canes

By Samuel Ivie


In 1670 a choir master in Germany wanted the children to be quiet during long live nativities. The Choir master bent the sugar canes to remind the kids of the shepherds staff. This tradition of white sugar sticks spread all throughout Europe and later to america.
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Where the stripes came from

Not until about 50 years later some of the first stripped candy canes appeared. Know one knows who invented the stripes but Christmas cards before 1900 featured all white candy canes, but cards in the 20th century featured stripped canes. Around the same time candy companies started mass producing stripped candy canes

Sweet secrets

There are many other legends around the sweet, sweet candy cane such as the red and white stripes stand for Christs purity and the canes stood for a "J". the hardness of the candy represented the hardness of the churches foundation.