Black Holes

The Eternal Darkness

What is a Black Hole

A Black hole is a region of space-time from which gravity prevents anything, even light, from escaping. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficient compact mass will deform space-time to form a black hole

How are they Formed

Einstein himself wrongly thought that black holes would not form, because he held that the angular momentum of collapsing particles would stabilize their motion at some radius. Gravitational collapse occurs when an object's internal pressure is insufficient to resist the object's own gravity. Black holes are formed when gravitational collapse happens on a star.
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Where are they located

Black holes are located all over the universe. The most recent black hole near is the Andromeda Black hole. The Andromeda Black Hole is located at the hub of the Andromeda galaxy. It is a 100-million solar mass black hole the Andromeda Galaxy is 2,538,000 light years away
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