Explore Social Innovation in the US

July 20-31, 2016 | Aug. 17-28, 2016

Exploring Social Innovation (ESI) Program

Founded at Stanford University, VIA's Exploring Social Innovation (ESI) Program will convene 25-30 university students and young professionals from across Asia.

In this 2-week program, discover new possibilities for your future, learn innovative ways to make the world the better place, and meet a diverse and passionate group of changemakers from across Asia. You will experience hands-on workshops, visits to innovative companies and exchange ideas with local leaders and global friends.

Don't miss this life-changing opportunity!

Applications due May 28, 2016

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Exploring Social Innovation Program
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Participant Voice

The ESI program equips me with skills and the mindset needed to be a social innovator. This short-and-sweet program, certainly has helped my to sharpen my business acumen. It led me to be one of the finalist of HKUST 25 Projects, conducting a Positivity Jar Challenge for women throughout Hong Kong, Business Strategy Director of PACE and many exciting opportunities!

Always embrace ambiguity, learn from failure and be optimistic!

– Trisha C. Natanael

ESI Participant August 2015, Business Strategy Director of Pan-Asian Collegiate Entrepreneurs (PACE); HKUST Chemical Engineering & Entrepreneurship (Minor) Student

Participant Voice

"ESI is a wonderful program not only because I saw the frontier of social entrepreneurship, but I also met such powerful and mindful people in the Bay Area and made friends as well. We have continued to collaborate even after the program, and it really helped me to create changes and impact my home country”

—Eri Shimomukai

ESI Participant; Co-founder of Changemaker Learning Camp; Now working at Ashoka

More Information + ESI Program Application

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The Exploring Social Innovation (ESI) Program is offered by VIA, an educational non-profit organization based at Stanford University since 1963. Details of the ESI program can be found at www.viaprograms.org/esi.