komodo dragon

by devin armstead

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Where do komodo dragans live?

Dragons burrow in ranges.Males travils island to iland.A few live in zoos but the habitat is in flores,padar and some in sunda iland. Young komodo dragons

live in trees so thay don't get ate.

What do komodo dragons eat?

Komodo dragons will eat dear,gotes,pig,dog,humands,and many more.The liziards have

forked tongue that cqan smell and taste chemicals in the air.After a meal a komodo dragons stomach expands.komodos can trow up when order to flee.

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How do komodo dragons protect itself?

The komodo dragon is the most powerful living lizard on earth.Thay camouflage and patience to wait for prey. Thay have powerful legs ,knifte sharp claws,and fierce teeth

that can rip through fur bonet and meat.Komodo dragons 'sliva has bactera that will

kill its prey in 24 hours.that is how a komodo dragon protects itself.

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What are facts about komodo dragons?

The komodo dragon is the largest and most powerful living lizard.If animals that escape's

the jaws of a komodo will only feel lucky briefly,butof corse it dies.

Komodo dragons can eat bones,fur,and teeth and eat it.