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January 11-15, 2016

Greeters for the week of January 11-15


Beverly Martin


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Leesa Green

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

Special Ed Specialist (3)

High School Science Specialist

ELA Specialist, Middle School

Educator Certification Specialist

.NET Application Developer/Programmer

IMS Assistant Director

Bilingual Family Service Worker - Longview

Desktop Support Technician

Head Start Mental Health Specialist

Federal Programs Specialist

Family Service Worker - Eustace

Director, Center for Federal Programs

Family Service Worker - Carthage ISD

Thank you!

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude for the wonderful basket full of gifts you gave me for Christmas. I'm grateful to work with such a wonderful staff. I hope you all had a beautiful holiday break and I look forward to a great 2016 year!

Elizabeth Abernethy

Early Release

You will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m. Friday, January 15th. May each of you have a safe and happy weekend.

Administrative Training

Administrative Training will be in the Neches Room, Friday, January 22 from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm. Administrative Council is cancelled that morning.


To: Ashby, Donna
Subject: Robotics

I want to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into our robotics program. I am really impressed with the way this years schedule went. There was less congestion with people, and I felt the journal & engineering judges really spent time with our kids and their journals. You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. :-)


Leslie Pierce

5th Grade Math & Science

Mineola Elementary


To: Wright, Sherri <SWright@esc7.net>
Subject: Re: [Counselors-contracted] Newsletter

Thanks for the resources and newsletter, Sherri! I appreciate all you are putting into helping all of us throughout the region! :-)

Have a WONDERFUL and RESTFUL holiday!!

Amanda Weiss

Quitman ISD

Best Week EVER: 7 ways to choose joy for 7 days by Carrie Wisehart

I feel bad for Monday.

Why doesn’t anyone like Monday?

Many cartoons, jokes, memes, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook shares have to do with how bad Mondays are.

Let me pose it this way:

No one wants to be depressed, sad, irritated, or bored.

And yet – we complain about Monday. We complain about getting out of bed. We complain about going to school. We complain about going to work. We complain about lack of sleep. We complain…especially on Mondays.

But the attitude we have toward something directly affects how we perform on it. And when we choose to complain, we are basically setting ourselves up, CHOOSING to have a bad day full of depression, sadness, irritation, and/or boredom. We are ruining Monday.

We need to STOP.

We need to make Monday (and every day) the BEST DAY EVER.

A few years ago, I woke up one morning and just made a choice. I decided THAT day was going to be the BEST DAY EVER. Nothing earth shattering happened that day, but because I DECIDED, it just was. It was the BEST DAY EVER.

There is a lot of power in CHOICE. And we have the power – not to choose what happens to us – but to choose how we will respond to it.

Thus, my mantra:

Today is the best day ever.

Because if today were my last day,

I would want it to be my best day.

Therefore, today is the BEST DAY EVER.

This simple mantra has changed my outlook on life. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring me. But if I CHOOSE JOY, choose to make today the BEST DAY, it changes everything. Because I CHOOSE to see the positive in whatever comes my way.

So, my friend, here are 7 ways to help you choose joy for the next 7 days. Try them all at once, or merely try one each day for a week.

But choose to try. Your BEST DAY EVER ADVENTURE is awaiting you.

Joy Chooser 1:

Let it roll.

In order to CHOOSE JOY, it’s important to choose when you’ll fall on your sword. Too often we choose (and it’s a choice) to get upset about things that won’t matter next year, next month, or even frankly, tomorrow. Decide what is most important to you, and don’t let the little things bug you. My dad always used to say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all pretty much small stuff.” Let things roll off your back a little more often.

Joy Chooser 2:


Today often isn’t the best day ever because we’re waiting for THE best day to roll around. But then, while we’re waiting for that best day to roll around we miss all the moments in between. Be present. Put down your phone when people talk to you. Concentrate on the people in the room, not the people you’re hoping to see. Look them in the eye. Be in the moment and enjoy the time you have RIGHT NOW. Appreciate what you have – you never know when it will disappear. Being PRESENT is perfect for Best Day Ever Adventures.

Joy Chooser 3:


Gleaning is taking the best from something. Even in the worst situations, there is something to learn – something to GLEAN. Maybe you learn what you DON’T want to do next time. But making today the best day ever means finding the BEST PART of things and letting the bad stuff ROLL OFF. I always ask myself what I can glean from the current situation I’m in.

Joy Chooser 4:

Utilize the filing cabinet.

Be intentional.

When you glean stuff, file it away for later use. Learn from the moments and make sure you remember for next time. Practicing the art of “best day ever-ness” helps you do it easier next time. So INTENTIONALLY glean, INTENTIONALLY file it away, and INTENTIONALLY remember for next time. It’s a sure-fire method to making today the best day ever.

Joy Chooser 5:

Give a little grace.

You know how much I mess up? All. the. time. We often place high expectations on our friends and family and want them to meet all of our needs. In relationships, we need to have EXPECTANCY – excitement to be with them, live in the moment with them, love on them – instead of EXPECTATION. Expectations suck all the air out of relationships. So give a little grace, allow your loved ones to be HUMAN. Your day will be so much better.

Joy Chooser 6:

Make an appointment with yourself.

This year I have deleted the word “busy” from my vocabulary. Even though I have a full schedule, living the best day ever adventure means taking time for myself. Every day. You need this just like I do. Even if it is 5 minutes, officially make an appointment with yourself to do something you love. Maybe it means you lock the door to the bathroom and read your favorite magazine. Maybe you brew a cup of delicious coffee and savor a few minutes alone. Maybe you have a text conversation with a great friend. Just give yourself 5 minutes a day. And at least once a week, carve out an hour. It is worth it. And when people ask, you have an appointment. You don’t owe anyone any more than that. You need it for best day ever sanity.

Joy Chooser 7:


When it all comes down to it, you just need to CHOOSE. I have a stamp I use on my students when they MOAN and GROAN about it being Monday, or having to do homework, or whatever they might complain about. And many of them ask for the stamp. Why? Because they know it’s a CHOICE.

When I DECIDE to respond in a positive way, my outlook on life changes completely. That day I woke up and decided to that day would be the best day ever has changed everything for me. Now I repeat it every day. I CHOOSE JOY. I WANT to live a life of joy. I can’t choose what happens, but I choose how I respond. Just CHOOSE.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ~Rumi

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