President "Ollanta Humala"

Peru's president is "Ollanta Humala". He has been their president since 2011.

Peru's government is Constitutional Republic.

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30.38 million Peruvians

Lets talk money!

Just like any other countries Peru has a different money system the the U.S. Peru goes by "Nuevos soles" like the U.S goes by dollars. Nuevos soles= s/

1 s/ = .32 cents

$1= 3.09 s/

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Cultural Activities & entertainment

Carnival- is celebrated throughout Peru. Peruvian culture is a mix of both native traditions and customs imported from the Spanish colonists. Roman Catholic traditions have seeped into many aspects of Peruvian life, including the Carnivals that take place in February.

Raymi-Festival- is a festival that celebrates the sun God and winter solstice.

Fiestas- are celebrated traditionally on march first or second week. One of the most popular ones is fiesta Delacruz and it is the festival of the cross people.Who do the "scissors dancers" and who once performed on top of churches.

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Tourist attractions

One sight to see is the Chan Chan which is the largest pre-Colombian city in America, and the largest adobe city in the world. Contained a vast wealth of gold, silver and ceramics.

The Temples of the sun and moon are more than two years older than Chan Chan, the Ituaca del sol is the largest single pre- Colombian structure in Peru. Built with 140 million adobe bricks.

The mummies found at Loguna de los cóndores are now housed in Meseo Leimebamba, this has a wonderfully constructed complex. Mummies can be seen in glass boxes, some have been unwrapped to look at!