Mrs. Barthuly's Class News

JANUARY 8, 2016

Classroom Happenings

Hi All--

WELCOME BACK!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter break! I am so excited about this upcoming semester! I am trying out a new newsletter avenue! I hope that you find it useful and informative. I will be sending these out periodically throughout the rest of the semester. I would love your feedback as I love to hear how I could improve or change this mode of communication. This first one will probably be longer than the upcoming issues. I would like to encourage you to read through the whole newsletter as there is lots of info in here this week! :)

You should have received an email letting you know that report cards are available online. If you have any questions about your child's report card please email or call. My contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter!

Every week Mrs. Treinen sends via email the Panther Press. This is a great place to learn about all things going on at PRE as a school and Noblesville as a community. It is also a resource for information about PRE clubs and meeting dates. Here is a link to this week's Panther Press.


I would like to encourage you all to check out your child's work on their SEESAW app. The students use this app to keep record of their literacy tasks, writing other assignments. I have access to their folders and I am able to grade and comment on their work. Please check out your child's daily work and feel free to comment as well! I am sure that your child would love to show you all of their hard work! I will be having the students upload their newest data from their data binders for you to check out! I will let you know when it is available to view!


Reading: Students will continue to bring home a reading log each week on paper. Remember that your child is responsible for reading at least 90 mins. each week. If your child does not read the required amount then he/she will be making up the time missed the first 10 mins of recess each day until they make up the missed minutes. I hope you all understand that I am doing this to help students comprehend the importance of reading nightly to help them be successful in all academic areas. I shared the poster below with the students to help illustrate the importance of reading on a nightly basis! I found it very interesting and so did the students!

Math Homework on iPad:Starting on Monday your child will be using their iPad to complete their nightly math homework as well as their Math fact practice. I will be practicing with your child how to locate their homework each night as well as how to turn it in electronically. Please know I understand their will be nights that you may have technical difficulties. IF this happens please have your child come to me in the morning so that I can help them out!

Counselor Lesson with Mrs. Shera

On Friday Mrs. Shera our amazing counselor finished up a two part lesson: Friends Don't Let Friends Bully. This was a followup to the lesson Friends Don't let Friends Do Drugs. Your child should have brought a workbook home to complete that helps them understand these two concepts better. It is not required for your child to complete it but I do think it might be a really good resource for you and your child to read and look at together. Also this will give you information about the lessons that she taught! :)


This week as part of starting the new year we have been focusing on learning the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset! I read several books to illustrate the difference between these two drastically different mindsets. I also used the popularity of the new Stars Wars movie to showcase the differences, see below for images. Throughout the rest of the week the students had opportunities to synergize within groups to come up with GROWTH mindset statements to replace FIXED mindset statements! On Monday I will be challenging the kids to make SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals for home and school. We will be working to improve our GROWTH mindsets and to achieve our goals.

My goal is to help all of my students become children with a GROWTH MINDSET!!

Big image



I would like to address some concerns that I have had with iPads going home. I have found that several students have been downloading apps without my permission! Most students were downloading what they considered to be educational apps however they still need to ask my permission. Unfortunately there have been students who are downloading NON educational apps. I would truly appreciate it if you will help me to police this as it is important for this device to be for school assignments or projects and NOT for playing games. I would love your help in this area. I will be conducting periodic app checks and students will be losing a freedom level if they choose to break this rule! Thanks a million for your help with this!

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind


Monday-Jan. 11-

  • Specials: Technology
  • Homework : Reading log, Math, Fact Practice

Tuesday- Jan. 12-

  • Specials: Art
  • Homework: Reading Log, Math, Fact Practice

Wednesday- Jan. 13-

  • Specials: Music
  • Homework : Reading Log, Math, Fact Practice

Thursday- Jan. 14-

  • Specials: P.E.-- DON'T FORGET SHOES
  • Homework: Reading log, Math, Fact Practice

Friday-Jan. 15-

  • DAY 5 Double Specials:
  • Homework: Reading log

Monday- Jan. 18-- NO SCHOOL/MLK observance day