Meshashringi Some “Must Consume” Foods that Reduces Sugar Carvings

Eating Smaller Meals frequently is one way to reduce the influence of sugar carvings. However, selecting the right food that has more impact in reducing sugar level would be added advantage to diabetic victims.

1. Reducing Refined Carbohydrates by Taking Whole Grains

Eating less amount of carbohydrates is in a way is the first initial step to be taken to reduce sugar carvings. Consuming whole grains will have relatively lesser impact on blood sugar. One of the other important features of whole grains is that it will make you feel stomach full for longer time than from consuming processed carbohydrate foods. Food items made from whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice, cereals, are good food resources that reduce sugar carvings.

2. Vitamin C Rich Foods

Foods those are rich in Vitamin C helps to grow serotonin level. Serotonin on the other hand is an important secretion that helps to reduce sugar carvings in terms of maintaining emotional well being. The risk factor behind low serotonin level is that people develop emotional problems which will directly influence sugar carvings level. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, sweet lime, etc are rich in vitamin C. Vegetables including bell peppers, papaya, broccoli, kale (used in salads), etc. Even strawberries and kiwi fruit contains good amount of vitamin c.

3. Fiber Rich Food

Food items rich in fiber supports for proper excretion. As improper excretion also results in weight gain and immobility which further leaves way for sugar carvings to increase, fiber rich foods can reduce the impact of constipation and excretion issues and keep the digestive system organized. Fruits like apple, pear, etc are rich in fiber content. There is a long list of vegetables that contains excellent fibrous properties some of them are broccoli, carrot, cabbage, spinach, etc .

4. Protein Rich Food

Food items including beans, low-fat dairy products, fish and meat products that are cooked in very less or moderate oil and lentils are some of the protein rich food items that can be consumed instead of other fat rich protein diet. These food items improve protein level and will not have severe impact on blood sugar level and subsequent sugar carving formation.

5. Fresh Fruit Juice without Sugar

Having fresh fruit juice without sugar or sweetener is a good alternative to beverages and processed soft drinks as consuming the later products show increased glucose level in blood and will obviously leads to gradual formation of sugar carvings. Kindly Visit -

6. Medications that Reduce Sugar Carvings

People who already show health conditions with increased sugar carvings can improve their health condition by strictly following the above mentioned dietary foods and adding medications as well. In this regard, herbal medications prove to show effective results in decreasing the sugar level as well as stop influencing further formation.

Meshashringi – A Perfect Drug Component for Reducing Sugar Carvings

Himalaya Meshashringi, an ayurvedic solution for diabetic contains gymnemic acid, an effective component that reduces the sucrose level while consuming carbohydrate rich foods. This ingredient further helps to reduce sugar level by supporting the pancreatic cells to secrete more insulin. It is a good drug for controlling diabetics. Magnus Pharmacy offers Himalaya Herbal pills at cost effective price. Buy cheap meshashringi in bulk at Magnus Pharmacy. For people who need for long term usage can opt for 120 capsules at $28.15 or 240 cap at $54.12 or 360 cap at $75.12.


Sugar carvings in blood leads to diabetics and it can be controlled by consuming selected variety of foods that possesses the capacity of reducing blood glucose level. Meshashringi, a herbal pill from Himalaya functions in the natural way to reduce sugar carvings in the blood and further decreases the diabetic level as well.

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