Lightning Is weird

By:Robert Yslava

Lightning is weird

Why does lightning act so funny?When there was a men named Benjamin Franklin, He studied if there was electricity in lightning.He wanted to study it because he has always been interested in lightning and electricity that's why he wanted to do this experiment.He was able to do this because he got smart because he liked to read and write.He had jobs that pay a lot for reading, writing, and being smart.In 1752 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I was reporting the giant storm I saw him flying his kite and then I saw a spark jump to his hand.At age 40 he studied electricity and inverted the famous lightning rods.Lightning rods were used everywhere to stop fire that were caused by lightning.He new that lightning had electricity but didn't want to get laughed at if he failed.He used a kite because there was no tall buildings in sight.He told me that he used silk instead of paper, hemp string, and a metal rod.The metal rod was the conductor, he can only trust his son to keep this secret about the experiment.Lightning struck the rod and he is going to touch the metal key then sparks on fire came to his hand.When I talked to his son he told me "his dad lied but he still proved that electricity comes from lightning.So now we know that lightning is weird because instead of killing him it just gave him a spark
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