Taco Plaza

by Jake fiedler and Clayton Lamb

Six business activity

  1. Generating Ideas- .Taco’s Plaza, We are a Business the servers dine in food and has a bar. We came from Mexico as immigrants and we are starting a business to help make a life here. We are in the New England area and there are not going to be many mexican places. YA DOE!!!

  1. Raising Capital- After working 15 year’s and Mexico we saved up enough money to, from working with glass, and we saved up $50,000 to give our business a start.

  1. Employee and Training- For now we will have our family work, then we will start to higher the locals; the way we will train our employees is by ourselves, we worked part time at a taco stand, so we know how to make tacos.

  1. Buying Goods and Services- For now until we are big enough to order directly from farmer’s, we will have to settle, will produce from the local supermarket.

  1. Marketing Goods and Services- ( radio and Internet) We have chose these types of marketing because they are mainly inexpensive and yet fairly effective.

  1. Maintaining Business Records- we would use software international market.

Limited Liability Partnership

The main reason we picked it is, because our things can't be sized.

+ Specific in investors cannot lose more than they invest

-Is difficult and costly to set up

Business Goals

  1. to not be in debt .

  2. to not have any major liabilities.

  3. To have more than one restaurant by the end of the year unless we can’t complete number 1.

  4. to be a 3 or 4 star restaurant.

  5. to use real ingredients (unlike McDonalds).

Mission Statement

We are committed to interactively engineer competitive solutions to stay competitive in tomorrow's restaurant world ,

Our challenge is to continue to enthusiastically build corporate methods to stay competitive in tomorrow's world.



is N/A

Me and Clayton had conflicting schedule so It was hard to find to work on it.

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