Christine Damski's story

Courage is an important theme in the story of Anne Frank

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one; the stregth in the face of pain or grief, and the story "Anne Frank" shows that and so does the story of Christine Damski.

Christine Damski's story shows courage similar to the story of Anne Frank

Christine and her family went through troubles because they were Jewish. Christine had to run away and she took her brother with her because she knew her parents needed that. She was always putting her brother first and always protecting him. The gestpo did eventually find her brother and took him away, it was his very own father that ratted him out to the getspo.

In the story Anne Frank, the Franks and the Daans invite Mr. Dussel to share the annex with them. He does this because he knows what is going on outside and he helps Mr. Dussel even though there is now a higher chance of them getting caught in hiding.

Otto Frank says "We're lucky. We're really very lucky." he says this because while they are out in hiding, although they have it bad, people have it worse, they could be in a concentration camp.

Also, they still find ways to have fun in the annex, like celebrate holidays and birthdays because it is their religion and it makes them feel more at home.

Christine showed courage by always putting her brothers needs before her her needs and taking him with her when she knew it was best for her parents to have less to worry about, like the Franks showed courage by letting Mr. Dussel stay with them.

This theme is relevant to young people so they can learn to take a stand and be a leader.

Courage is a trait of Christine Damski and Anne Frank's family.

How can I relate?

Recently my aunt decided she wanted to adopt. She talked to the case workers and they declined her because before they talked to her they talked to her mom and her mom said she would not be a good mother, but my aunt knew she could. During that time my aunts best friend, Haley is a teacher and she had a new student, one day Haley saw the student sleeping in a car on the school's grounds. Haley tried to talk to the student but the student got an attitude and ran away. Later on Haley read one of the student's essays about moving from foster home to foster home. After reading it she went and talked to my aunt and asked her if she would mind taking her in for a little bit. My aunt had a hard time accepting it but she did. Her and the new student (Sam) had many troubles, for example, sneaking out in the night, boys being snuck in, and stealing her id card. but through all those troubles my aunt never gave up on her and as my aunt got closer and closer to Sam, Sam's real mother contacted her and her and Sam got along really well, Sam liked her real mom a lot and it was my aunts choice whether she got to go with her or not and my aunt put her feelings to the side and did what was best for Sam and let her catch up with her real mom.