Rupert Technology Newsletter

Jan. 29, 2016

Take Advantage of the Power of Google Forms for Perfect Rubrics

We all agree that rubrics are great for students. Rubrics clearly communicate what is expected and give students the opportunity to do a self-assessment to reflect on their learning process. The following link will guide you through the process to create rubrics in Google Forms. Just click on the title below.

~ Diana Benner

Google Classroom Tutorial

Learn how to use Google Classroom to easily assign work to students, accept assignment submissions, make announcements, supply materials to students, and more.

Gamify Your Classroom

Are you interested in making your class more engaging for students? Why not gamify your class? As you know, gamification is the use of gaming principles to get students involved, engaged, and excited about learning. It consists of adding game elements to a non-game situation and introduces concepts like badges, levels, achievements, and game points to the classroom. Students are rewarded with these when they succeed. By introducing a system of rewards without harsh penalties, students are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and fail. By removing their fear of failure, we encourage them to learn.

Below you will find three different gaming sites for teachers and students:

Breakout EDU


Class Craft

Breakout EDU

All Breakout EDU games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas.

Introducing Breakout EDU

Brainscape's Confidence-Based Repetition technique is scientifically proven to help you learn more efficiently than ever before.

Brainscape for Teachers
Class Craft

Transform any class into a role-playing game that fosters stronger student collaboration and encourages better behavior.

Classcraft Overview A

iOS 9.3 to Bring New Features for Education

Apple has announced the upcoming release of iOS 9.3 and it looks to be a great step forward for educators using the devices in the classroom.

~ Lori Gracey