Transcendentalism Influences-Today

Ronnie Anthony, Kelsey Buchanan, Sarah Roe , Chelsie Blakley

what is Transcendentalism?

Transcendentalism is defined as " A movement in ninetieth century, american literature and thought."

To put it simply, Transcendentalism is:

1. Trust Nature, nature is the answer to all your problems. Groovy!!

2. Trusting in Yourself, so basically JUST DO YOU!

3. Everything is somehow connected.

4. Speak your mind! Fight The Power, man!

5. Simplify your life.

6. Anti-conformity and Pro-individualism….so hipster.

Trusting in Nature.

One With Nature

People immerse themselves in nature to get some type of spiritual high, or to center themselves. There are many ways that you can become "one with nature".

For Emerson, the idea of nature was very important to him. He believed that everything revolves around nature. Nature is the answer to whatever your question you have. Emerson practiced this by meditation to become more spiritually aware. He believed to find god you must be in nature. Emerson is all about getting rid of your worldly views, and simplifying himself, to get a higher level of self knowledge through nature.

There are many mediation retreats for anyone willing to be open to Emerson's way of life. Wat Suan Mokkh, is a buddhist mediation center in Thailand. The center is run by buddhist monks that live by these conditions: Live plainly, aim high.

Trusting in Yourself.

Bob Dylan - Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself by Bob Dylan

In the song Trust Yourself by Bob Dylan it says, "trust yourself to do the thing that only you can do". In Emerson's idea of transcendentalism he stresses the importance of trusting ones own intuition and self actualization, because when one is connected with nature via "god" they know that their throughs and beliefs are correct.

Everything is Connected to Everything.

Everything is Connected—I Am Another Yourself...Now!

"Every single person skating around you is you in another form"

this quote in infinite waters is explaining how everyone is connected and equal. This connects to Emerson because in his quote "All creation is one" he is saying that all creations of god are equal and connected in some way. Tracendenalists belive that everyone is equal just like these two quotes express.

Everything is Connected by infinite waters.

"The more humble we are in the face of our experience with the natural world ... the more we're going to find a healthy coexistence with it." — Bernie Krause

Transcendentalism believes that everything is connected. This video is posted by the YouTuber Infinite Waters, talks about how we, as people, are connected to other people, it shows that Emerson's way about the divine matrix is real.

Speak Your Mind.

"be willing to speak out about social and political issues that aren't always safe - but are the right thing to do" jerry greenfield

"speak what you think today in harsh words and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in harsh words again" Emerson

Ben & Jerry's fight for what they believe.

People involved in transcendentalism have passion for their beliefs and will stand up for it. just like the famous ice cream company Ben & Jerry's take a stand and partnership with Free Speech for People and Business for Democracy to fight the special interest groups that are pouring billions of dollars into federal elections and drowning out the voice of regular people.

This shows how that they are very similar to Emerson and stand up for what they believe, also Emerson was an outcast in his day for doing what the did and believing what he believed. Ben & Jerry are also seen as "not fitting in" because the way they take a stand.

Push to Take a stand

if you want to get involved with Ben & Jerry's "Get The Dough Out" campaign push to start a revolution and get people just like you have their voice heard!

Simplify your life

"Live simply, aim high" mantra of Buddhist monks

"as you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler" Emerson

Anti-conformity and pro-individualism.

"to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, that is the greatest accomplishment" Emerson

"you don't get harmony when everyone sings the same note" Doug Aoyd

be unique.

Transcendental people don't go follow the "norm" or crowd. They make their own way and follow their own passions. They draw energy and value from things that many people are oblivious to, communing with nature, alternative music styles, and many times it shows in their everyday life.

The song I must belong somewhere by Bright eyes is saying "lets just accept everything the

way it is" The song really contradicts the title of the song. it says that we really don't have to belong but just be yourself, and that is a lot like what Emerson was trying to tell us.

Bright Eyes - I Must Belong Somewhere lyrics