Destination Outer Space

Come bounce on the moon with us


The space around the earth is called space. Space is all over the place and space contains no air or oxygen.Space is very dangerous so astronauts use a space suit to go to space so they sun doesn't burn them and so there bodies dont blow up with air.

Space is Cool

Food In Space!!!

even in space u need to bring food to survive.Astronauts bring food in tight containers so they don't spoil.If u bring fruit or vegetables to space you'll have to consume them quickly because they spoil very quickly.
GoPro: An Astronaut's View In Space With A GoPro By: The ChrisEditing Productions.

Food in space

Stay fit in space

In space there is zero gravity and your muscles become atrophy. Atrophy is when your bones and muscles aren't used in a long time and becomes weaker and denser. Astronauts work out for an hour or two so they don't become weaker.
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Astronaut Mike Hopkins: Workout in Space 4

How Much?

in order to go to space you need to pay around one millon or more dollars
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Heath Risks

in space there is a lot of things that can kill u like low oxygen, no food, low water, etc. Thats why u need to bring a lot of food,water,oxygen tanks, etc.Working Out is a big issue because your bones and muscles become weaker and easier to break

Any Questions?

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