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"Equality Now works for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls around the world. Working with grassroots women’s and human rights organizations and individual activists since 1992, Equality Now documents violence and discrimination against women and mobilizes international action to support efforts to stop these abuses."

Abduction, Rape and murder of women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

"In January 2005, the united nations committee on the elimination of discrimination against women(the CEDAW committee)held a press briefing to discuss the outcome of its 32nd session and the committee's report on its inquiry into the pattern of abduction, rape and murder of women in Ciudad Juarez, mexico. The committee undertook the inquiry based on a request submitted in October 2002 by equality now and Casa Amiga, a rape crisis center in Ciudad Juarez that has been documenting and protesting this violence and the failure of the defense and promotion of human rights subsequently. The Mexican commission for the defense and promotion of human rights subsequently joined as a co-petitioner in this initiative. In the press briefing, the CEDAW committee described the environment in which the crimes had taken place as one "where gender-based discrimination was widespread and systematic and where violence against women seemed to be regarded as a normal, or acceptable, fact. "over 300 women have been murdered in or near Ciudad Juarez in the past twelve years. Many of the women killed were abducted, raped, and tortured. there have also been disturbing signs that suggest in some cases that officials may be actively obstructing efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice or may even be complicit in the commission of these crimes. There is evidence that suspects have been framed and tortured into making false confessions. The CEDAW inquiry report raised these concerns and made a series of recommendations to be Mexican government to address them, as well as a request for an update on the implementation of these recommendations."

Pakistan: Denial of Justices for Rape and the Case of Dr. Shazia

"In August 2005 Equality Now launched a Women’s Action campaign on the case

of Dr. Shazia, a Pakistani physician who worked at a hospital run by Pakistan

Petroleum Limited, a state-owned natural gas supplier in Pakistan. On 2 January

2005, Dr. Shazia was attacked and raped in her home by an intruder who broke in

at night while she was sleeping. Doctors of Pakistan Petroleum were called in, but

they told Dr. Shazia not to tell the police about the rape, and later told the authorities

that she did not want to pursue the case. She

reported the crime to the police despite intense pressure

to keep silent, but instead of apprehending and

punishing her attacker, the government of Pakistan has

forced Dr. Shazia and her husband Khalid to flee the

country under threats of death, and would not allow her

son to go with them. Dr. Shazia is effectively in exile.

Pakistan’s law considers rape one of the offenses of

zina under the Hudood Ordinances, which require

either the confession of the perpetrator or the eyewitness

testimony of at least four Muslim adult male

witnesses to the rape. If she is unable to prove rape, a

woman who reports rape to the police is vulnerable to prosecution herself under the

Hudood Ordinances for fornication if she is unmarried or for adultery if she is

married. Women who have been raped are also at risk of “honor” killings, whereby a

male relative kills them because they are thought to have dishonored the family’s

name in the community by transgressing social norms, which is seen to include

having been raped.

Equality Now is calling on the Pakistani Government to repeal the discriminatory

Hudood Ordinances and to ensure that Dr. Shazia’s case is investigated and

that those who are responsible for her rape are brought to justice."

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