What's happening in 7th grade Spanish?

Boletín de Noticias

9 - 13 diciembre 2013

Brought to you by Profesora Dordoni....until next week:)

¡Hola! Me llamo Profesora Dordoni y me encanta hablar español con mis estudiantes. This is our segundo weekly newsletter where we can keep you informed about our student of the week, what we are learning, upcoming project dates and homework. Beginning next week, this boletín de noticias will be created by our scholars. Please click on this link for the newsletter requirements and schedule.

A la izquierda: Mi hijo, Oz, y yo.

ESTUDIANTE DE LA SEMANA: Ceci Muñoz (5º Periodo)

Una persona que admiro: Cookie Monster, mi madre y padre

Mi animal favorito: guepardo y mono

Lo que hago bien: jugar fútbol

La semana pasada (last week)...

Last week we posted our opinions about whether we thought el graffiti was arte o vandalismo. While the majority of our students agreed that it was and expression of art, some thought it is always vandalism, and some agreed that it depends on where it happens and what it looks like. We all agreed to respect various opinions.

We learned new vocabulary about activities we like to do in our free time, vocabulary about the family (pictured to the right: Mi madre, mi hermana y yo) and we shared our opinions about whether a such thing exists as una familia normal. Ask your scholars what they heard...muy interesante, muy pensativo.

We continued work on our Glogster project which is due today (lunes) and we were introduced to the requirements and schedule for creating these newsletters for you. I just want to note how helpful your scholars are to each other. While some of us are experienced Glogster pros, some of us have never used one (including me) and some of us just forgot our passwords from last year:) It was impressive and heartwarming to see our scholars helping and teaching each other.

Finally, please look for a form to sign regarding our newsletters. ¡Gracias!

¿Qué más? (What else?)

1. Our Glogsters are due on Monday, Oral Assessments follow on Tuesday.

2. ¡Gramática! Fun with grammar! We will be using possessive adjectives, subject pronouns, and the verb ser (to be) in order to communicate more effectively about our family relationships. Use this link for a summary of subject pronouns (presentation) and a subject pronoun chart (infographic).

3. YOU ARE STILL INVITED TO COME TO CLASS AND TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY! This would be a great time to come and visit and tell us a story or about yourself and your family. All languages welcome! This will give us a wonderful opportunity to make connections between our own families and yours...and then we get to write about you en español of course:) Email me: kdordoni@somsd.k12.nj.us

Fiesta Favorita Glogster Project DUE DATE

Monday, Dec. 9th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Project Requirements and Rubrics

My sample project BELOW:

Fiesta Favorita Oral Assessment DUE DATE

Tuesday, Dec. 10th, 8:30am

Spanish Classroom

Above link for project requirements also contains questions that can be asked on oral assessment AND oral communication rubric.


lunes, 9 diciembre: GLOGSTERs DUE TODAY! Oral Assessment tomorrow.

Bring headphones (optional) for stations el viernes.

martes, 10 diciembre: ORAL ASSESSMENT TODAY! NO TAREA.

miércoles, 11 diciembre: MORE ORAL ASSESSMENTS TODAY! NO TAREA.


viernes, 13 diciembre:

1. Boletín de Noticias due by the end of the day (Scheduled students ONLY).

2. If you are not scheduled for the Boletín, then you have ¡NO TAREA!