EL Happenings

Volume 2 Issue 5

1st Grade Book Club

Students in Ms. Moon's 1st grade book club are working on describing a character. After reading the story Jake's Plane as a group, Mrs. Moon walked around the room while the students read independently to assist with comprehension and pronunciation. Students then worked together to complete a character analysis chart of Jake. Mrs. Moon prompted students to recall Jake's words, thoughts, and actions to come up with words and a sentence to describe Jake. These types of lesson supports highlight both Feature 13 (Ample Opportunities...) and 14 (Scaffolding) under the SIOP component, Strategies. Mrs. Moon was sure to make the content accessible by asking the right questions and providing enough different opportunities for her students to show her what they knew about Jake.

Sheltered 8th grade Language Arts

SIOP Expert, Cassie Bennett, is gearing up her students for a Poetry Cafe! Students and Mrs. Bennett were busy in class, finding a poem to read and practicing their speaking fluency and comprehension, helping each other sound out parts of a poem, and reviewing the presentation rubric while they picked out the perfect poem. Students were engaged 90%-100% of the period to accomplish the lesson's objective. This feature falls under SIOP component, Lesson Delivery.

High School Spanish 1

Students in Mrs. Marshall's class are reviewing pertinent vocabulary and grammar for their upcoming Spanish final. Students played, "Cabezas Juntos" or "Heads Together". This game not only has students orally interacting with one another, but it really highlights the SIOP component, Review and Assessment. The students had a comprehensive review of content concepts. It was also scaffolded to meet the language domains, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. "Numbered Heads Together with a Review Sheet", comes straight from SIOP's 99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with the SIOP Model. If you would like to learn more about activities for your English Learners reach out to the District Coach- gmayorga@perryschools.org

English Learner Website

Do you have a story or celebration you would like to share? Please let me know so we can add it to our website- http://www.perryschools.org/ell/!

IDOE EL Guidebook Chapter 2 Highlight

Please check out the key points from Chapter 2, “Identifying English Learners” in the IDOE EL Guidebook 2017-2018:

Indiana has established standardized statewide entrance procedures to identify and screen potential ELs based upon the accurate and timely administration of the Home Language Survey and the English language proficiency placement exam (WIDA Screener and the Kindergarten W-APT).

Read to learn more about the guidelines to:

  • Enroll first-time IN students; and
  • Enroll transfer students from within IN

For more information, please visit our district's homepage or click HERE.