The Amazing EdOr 3000!

By Cardboard Tech- Cynthia

So What Exactly is The EdOr 3000?

The revolutionary EdOr 3000 Edits and Organizes your work. Are you tired of finishing a handwritten rough copy of an essay, and you feel triumphant, but you slump back and realize that now you have to type it up on the computer? This is now your ultimate solution! You just have to put your rough copy into the bottom slot of the EdOr 3000, and a good copy will first appear on the touchscreen for you to make small edits if you do not like an edit that the EdOr 3000 made. Press Print and the good copy, typed and edited, will come out the middle slot! So simple! You may also keep up to 15 sheets of assignment papers in the top slot and the EdOr 3000 will automatically scan the due dates and put them in your touchscreen planner. The EdOr 3000 will remind you to do this homework a week before if you have not checked it off your checklist. It prioritizes your homework based on length, due date, and importance. Needless to say, this will help your organization skills over time. So handy!

How The EdOr 3000 Is Awesome

Cardboard Tech chose to make this invention because we thought the world needed it. We invented the EdOr 3000 because it helps you with organization and will help your grades. For people who are on the messy side (you are probably one of them, since you are reading this flyer) will be pleased and relieved to know that there is something to help them.

How The EdOr 3000 Appeals To 12-18 Year Olds

Twelve to eighteen year olds... their main problems are school and homework. Teens get really rebellious and lazy when it comes to to doing homework and it is hard to be organized, thus making their marks go down. The EdOr 3000  will help them with organization and editing. It will speed up the process of doing their homework. This invention appeals the most to this age group because adults, for example, will not need this product because they are responsible and they know doing well in school (or in their case, work) is mandatory. Younger kids recieve shorter assignments and their homework takes about 5 minutes to do. They are not too lazy or rebellious about it. For teens, the new invention of Cardboard Tech is bound to help them and make their marks go up!


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