For Sale- Victorian Style Home

Asking Price-590,000

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Special Details

Very Beautiful home has 4 bedroom and 3.5 bath. Very large backyard, 2 story. This house was originally built in 1945 and has had slight remodeling since then, even still this house is very old (1945-2015) That is a lot of time, but these type of homes are resilient they are made to survive the test of time. For those large families this house is located really close to all the schools so no worries about how to get them there in the mornings. There is a full size kitchen that comes with a brand new dishwasher that was just placed. Has a counter surface matching island in the center, Has two full size family rooms and a sunroom, This house has a lot of natural light due to all the windows. (about me)

I am a very nice person, I did recently live in this house but me and my family think it is time for a downsize, So we would love if someone would be willing to take this lovely home


Sunday, Oct. 25th, 10:30am to Monday, Oct. 26th, 12pm

Southwest Regional Auction Center

If the house is not sold Before the 25th of October we will be auctioning it off Officially on the 25th of October starting at 10:30 am and ending on the 26th of October at 12:20 pm

Extra Features

This house is a full size Victorian, so this house is very decorative, if you look you will find very decorative gingerbread trim where the cornice meets. This house has a turret with a sitting room located inside on the first and second floor.The house was just repainted so you should not find any chips or old paint anywhere.

By Gabe Grilli