Indian Creek Pre-K News

News for January 27-31,2015

Classroom News

Report cards and student profile cards went home Friday, January 23. Please check your child's back pack for this information. Please remember to return the profile cards and white envelopes signed.

What We Are Learning This Week

This week we will continue Unit 6 with a focus on Changes/Never Changes-My world. Students will observe and discuss the seasons.

Our main goals for this week:

Language: Students will be able to identify the letter E and things that begin with the letter. Students will also learn to identify and write their names.

Math-Students will extend what they have learned about sorting by attributes of size. We will review patterns AB, ABC and ABB. In addition we will review counting to 30, colors, shapes.

Science/ Technology-Student will continue their observations of things that change and never change around them. We will be working with the 4 season in the year. We are discussing how trees change, what we wear during the seasons, and how the air feels.

Social Skill Program-Second Step

Our concept this week is to ask for what you need or want, face the person you are asking and use a respectful voice.

It is important for children to be able to ask for help when they need it. For many children, this requires speaking up in a strong , respectful way. Speaking up in this way (being assertive) also helps children get along with other. We want to encourage children to face people they are speak in order to help listener know that they need help and are being addressed.

Important Dates

February 11th- Spring Individual Pictures Day

February 13th- Valentines's Day Party

February 16th-Teacher Campus Day/ No School for Students

**Every Wednesday is LIBRARY DAY- please send your child's book so they can get a new book. ***

Pick Up and Drop Off

Please remember drop off and pick up times. We sometimes have meetings to attend between sessions and after school.

Morning Session: ARRIVAL 7:20AM DEPARTURE 10:50AM

Afternoon Session: ARRIVAL 11:40 AM DEPARTURE 2:50 PM.

Use our U-shaped drive way by the Pre-k door. With children present –PLEASE SLOW DOWN, SINGLE LINE and NO U-TURNS. We will try to get you in and out as soon as possible.

Our key concern is SAFETY.

Weather and Clothing

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. If you send sweaters or jackets please make sure you have written your child’s name on the tag or in the article of clothing. We are still planning on going outside.

Teacher Contact Information

Mrs. Freedenberg’s Email:

Mrs. Rudison’s Email:

Indian Creek Elementary
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phone number 469-713-5180