Mission: La Purisma Concepcion

Victoria Ramos 2016

Mission History

La Purisma Concepcion was built and dedicated on December 8,1787. It was the 11th mission. La Purisma Concepcion was built by Chumash indians. The founder of the mission was father Isidro Barcenilla and father Agustin Merino. People at the mission were called the Chumash Indians. An important date I'd December 8,1778. La Purisma Concepcion was located near Los Angeles.

Daily Life

The Chumash, Spanish friars, and the Soldiers lived at the mission. Women jobs were to prepare food, make candles, make soap,and make clothes. The men's job was to do leather work, woodwork, and farming. The children's job was to stay behind for religious extremism instructions. For free time children danced, women washed clothes, and men hunted. In the morning they woke up to the bells and prayers at 6:00. They ate breakfast at 7:00. At 12:00 they ate lunch. Every time at 5:00 they did prayers then dinner. Women and children went to bed at 8:00. The men went to bed at 9:00. The priests went to bed at 11:00 or 12:00.

Mission Today

La Purisma Concepcion is open today. It is located by Los Angeles. The church is open with services. It does have a museum. The museum is called the Natural museum of historic mueseum. The museum is owned by Oscar DeLa Cruz. They have models of the livestock they raised.


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