WomenPartner.org Fall Content Drive

Showcase Your Expertise & Local Women in Biz Market

Business & Professional Women Invited to Gather Their Associates to Create News Content

WomenPartner.org creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base.

Our latest project is a network of women’s news bureaus to document the role business women, the organizations that support them and Shop Local movements that target them are playing in getting the global economy back on track. The news bureaus will provide business and professional women with exposure to members of women's business groups throughout North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Business and professional women are invited to help us build a content tribe of 5 - 10 women from their state or Province to “take over” a section on the WomenPartner.org news site for their area to fill it with local content. It's a massive content collaborative that will drive traffic to the web sites of the participants and provide high profile business exposure.

Dynamic PR & Advertising Package Provided to Participants at Major Discount

Each of them will create one custom 200-300 word news piece with one image (normally $50) and 5 line resource box to showcase their expertise and local women in business market while shining a spotlight on the types of companies they are interested in forming cross marketing partnerships with. The banner ad will rotate on all the pages.

The current fee to be a part of a content tribe is only $25 (expires in 24 hours). It includes brainstorming with the founder of WomenPartner.org, one hour PR Schmooze on November 18 from 3 - 4 PM Eastern and a joint 12 month 468x60 banner ad on the site assigned to the content tribe that leads to a directory page highlighting all of its members. The banner ad will rotate on all the pages on the news site. For an additional $25, up to 3 additional news pieces can be submitted.

Content Development Tip

Smart business owners write solution based content and embed their ad in them along with a special offer instead of purchasing ad spots hoping someone reads them. Participants will be able to insert a 300x250 display ad in their news piece for only $25 (reg. $50).

Content Categories

  • Shop Local
  • Business & Professional Women
  • Business Style
  • Happenings
  • Business Advice (including holiday and 2014 business strategies)
  • Conferences and Expos
  • Women Making News
  • Relocation
  • Cross Market With Me
  • Unemployed to BO$$
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Marketing to Women
  • Business Organizations
  • Holiday Shopping Guide

We are interested in a wide variety of topics for our network of women’s news bureaus. Women are encouraged to think outside the box to create content that they feel is missing in the representation of their local media when it comes to women in business. Holiday pieces are needed too. We want to have a holiday shopping guide. Deadline for content submission is November 15.

Want to join a content tribe we are putting together or put one together for your associates? Click here to register. You will be invoiced immediately. Email jerrilynnbthomas@womenpartner.org if you have any questions.

Grab a Leadership Role During WomenPartner.org's Content Drive

To ensure all of the key women in business markets are covered WomenPartner.org is conducting a search for liaisons. It’s a high visibility position that offers massive networking, PR and revenue opportunities for business people who enjoy connecting likemind people together.

Liaisons will be able to provide complementary products and services to business and professional women who need assistance with implementing their marketing to women campaigns as well help to find a plan b, start, grow or expand their companies.

Contact jerrilynnbthomas@womenpartner.org if you are interested in becoming a liaison. We are offering a split payment plan during our content drive.

5 Network Wide Advertising Packages Available for Only $100 ($1000 Value)

The news bureaus also offer unlimited PR and advertising opportunities for companies looking for a smarter way to grow their female client base throughout Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. During the kick off of our, we are content drive, we are offering 5 network wide banner ad packages for only $100. Participants will be able to place their banner ad on 100 news sites in the category of their choice for 12 months ($1000 value).