The Mystery of Redemption

Theology 2 First Semester

The original state of man

The original state of man was perfect God gave man everything they could possibly need. there was no sin.

In the beginning

God created Adam and Eve out of love, but Adam and Eve disobeyed God introducing sin, suffering, and death into the world. Now every human has inherited Original sin except for the Blessed Virgin Mary. God sent a redeemer to defeat Satan and reconcile God with his people.

The Promise is Fulfilled in Christ

Christ, the redeemer, entered the world by taking on human nature. The word became flesh for four reason to make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore nature lost by sin, to manifest the infinite depth of love, to offer a model of holiness, and to allow people to share in his divine life

Reasons the Word Became Flesh

*Expiation, reconciliation, and restoration- when Adam and Eve went against God it created a rift between God and the human race, but with the grace of reconciliation sin can be forgiven and the relationship can be restored in this case it is restored by God sending Jesus to save us.

*Manifest God's love- Even though Adam and Eve went against him , God did not stop loving them instead he planned to fix what happened and prove his infinite love by becoming man. God sent Jesus to suffer on the cross to show us how serious sin is and to show us how much he loves us.

*Offer a model of holiness- By coming into the world to show people their true spiritual and more calling. He shows us the dignity of the human person. Jesus is the perfect example of how to conquer temptation of Satan, the world, and the flesh. Christ also gave us the Beatitudes to as a model of how to reach spiritual greatness.

*Allow a share in Divine life- Christ gave us the seven sacraments to cleanse us of our sins, we become apart of the church, and we become a temple of the holy spirit.Through Baptism we share in Christ's life. We needs God's grace in order to be like Christ.

Redemption and the Paschal Mystery

Our redemption comes from Jesus' Passion, Death, and Resurrection. When Jesus died on the he undid Adam's sin. "As by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by one man's obedience many will be made righteous."

Theologiacl Virtues

Faith- Faith is the power to believe in God without seeing. And to put all of your trust in God.

Hope- Confident expectation that God will give us what we need in life .

Charity- Loving God and above all things and people. Love your neighbor as yourself.


Prayer is how we talk to God. One of the most traditional forms of prayer is the "Our Father", it is a model for all Christian prayer and sums up all of the Gospels. Through prayer we are able to grow closer to God and become more present.

The four marks of the Church

One- The church is one in the Lord, we believe in One God, We have unity in Jesus Christ. We are unity of faith, worship and leadership.

Holy- The Church's holiness come solely from God, because Jesus instituted the Church, the church is holy.

Catholic- The church is universal and we are one, The church is Catholic because she is whole and complete.

Apostolic- The church is Apostolic because Jesus selected 12 men to be his followers, and they are the foundation of the church.

The Last Things

When we die our soul leaves our body And is judged by God. God will decide whether you go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.

*Heaven- state of everlasting life with God.

*Hell- If we choose to not love God or to sin all the time we will be separated from God forever.

*Purgatory- state of purification form venial sins so that souls can be purified fully in order to enter Heaven .


The second coming of Christ.