The Adams - Onis Treaty

By: Greg Pekurney


The Adams -Onis was an important part of Texas history. This treaty did prevent a war. This is how.

What is the Adams-Onis Treaty

The Adams - Onis treaty was put into action when the U.S. bought the Louisiana Territory from France. It's purpose was to establish the territory's southern border with Spain. The people involved were John Quincy Adams (USA) and Luis de Onis (Spain).
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The Adams-Onis Treaty

Did it Work ...

The treaty was working to make sure the U.S. and Spain were happy... and it worked, until in was ratified because of arguments between the country's.

Problems with the Treaty

It almost didn't work because the Spanish government thought we broke it. The U.S. James Long expedition accidentally cut into the Tejas Territory which is why they thought we broke it. Also the Spanish were trying to dismantle the USA with this treaty (it didn't work).
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James Long

Is the Adams-Onis Treaty Still in Effect Today

NO!!!!!!! The treaty was ratified when Mexico broke away from Spain.


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