Andrew Jackson is a Zero

By Stephanie Kim 7th Period

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson supported the spoils system which let Jackson's supporters and friends have jobs in the government even if they aren't qualified for the job. They probably don't know how their job works or what is the best thing to do in a situation. What would be really bad is if they made a not so smart decision that could affect the whole country greatly.

The Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal act which made Indians move west of the Mississippi River. The non natives wanted to access the land because they had found gold where the 5 civilized tribes lived. This leads to the Trail of Tears which is the journey the Native Americans took to Oklahoma.

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is the journey the Americans had to take sue to the Indian Removal Act. They faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion. Many were crying and couldn't bring most of their supplies.

Jackson and the National Bank Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson hated the national bank because he thought it wasn't fair to the "common man" He wanted to destroy it. Each head or snake is the states who want to keep the national bank.
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A Video About the Tariff of Abominations

The Tariff of Abominations! YouTube