Only speaking the truth


Be loud and be proud

The speaker is a new invention which makes a sound louder then it really is. To make life easier we can now use the speakers during things like concerts and important speeches. There are plans to make many improvements on this invention over time.

Plans for the future


Saturday, Jan. 1st 1876 at 12am

Napa, California, United States

Napa, CA

The speaker was created by Peter L. Jensen and Edwin Pridham in Napa California in 1876

also with help from Thomas Jefferson

We only speak the truth

A Loudspeaker is probably used in your everyday life. From performing concerts to listening to the radio you are using a speaker. Imagine not having one. There would be no concerts, radio, or even TV! That's what life was like before the 1800’s. luckily 1876 Peter L. Jensen and Edwin Pridham created the loudspeaker.

There are many examples of how the loudspeaker effects us. When your driving to work or school you can listen to the music on the radio. Another effect is if somebody is giving an important speech they won't have to talk over the crowd.

The persuasive techniques that I used was Repetition. My slogan was “Only speaking the truth”.