Langston Hughes

The first "Jazz Poet"

The life of Langston Hughes (Bio)

Langston hughes was born on Febuary 1st, 1902 in Mizzouri. He lifted with his grandparents for most of his childhood because his mom was frequintly moving across the country looking for work. Langston's first poem was called "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" and it was published in 1921 when he was only 19 years old. This peom was very well regarded and was in "The Crisis" Magazine". After Publishing his first peom, Langston Hughes attended Columbia Univirsity and became a part of the Harlem Renaissance. But langston dropped out of Clumbia Univirsity so he could travel the world and focus even more on poetry. After Working Multiple didfferent Jobs for a year, Langston got to travel to Africa, Spain, and Paris. Langston even decided to live in paris for a short time while continuing to publish poems. Langston returned home from paris and worked as a bus boy. As a bus boy Langston met Vachel Lindsay who was a very popular poet at the time. Langston showed Vachel Lindsay some of his work and he loved it. Vachel Lindsay was a big part in helping Langston get the publisity he needed. Langston's first book was published in 1926 and a second volume came out the next year. By 1960, nearing the end of Langston's life, he had published many more books, started writing a colomn in the chicago defender and wrote 2 plays. On May 22, 1967 Langston deid of prostate cancer. Now Langston's home is a landmark and his poetry is still read.

I, Too

Video Reflection

This video really makes me think about how fortunate I am and though it may not be the most famouse of Langston Hughes's peoms it is signifigate for me. I will probobly always have food on the table and be welcome to eat it with my familly and friends. But this was and still is not the case for everyone. This peom seems so couragoes to me because even though everything is going wrong, Langston hughes is still positive and looking forward to the day where everyone is treated with the same amount of respect, no mader there skin color. Sadly Langston Hughes didnt live long enough to see this beggen to happen, but I think if he was around today he would be proud of what he saw, but still would not feel the task of ending segregation was complete.
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Comparison beetween Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou

Both Langston Hughes and Maya angelou were African American writers, but that is not why they are like eachother; Thats what makes them like eachother. What I mean by this is that Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes were both very inspiring people who wrote peoms about how African Americans had endured so much but will come out better because of it. An example of this is Maya Angelou's peom "Africa" and Langston Hughes's peom "Negro". Both talk of Abuse and hard times for African Americans. Another way Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes are alike, is that they both use present and past tinse to connect you to the peom so you can try to relate to it. The last personal comparison I have is that from researching both of these people I feel like my perspective on life has been changed. I now feel more like every "tough" thing that I do, doen't compare at all to the things these people had to endure.

How Langston Hughes Changed America:

Langston Hughes oppened the eyes of many people and made all of the wealthy people in America see that the whole world doesn't revolve around them. Like I said erlier, Langston Does a good job of making the reader feel like he is the person being denied a spot at the dinner table, but feel the joy of one day becoming a legend.