"The Interlopers"

Characterization Analysis

Ulrich Von Gradwitz

Quote that Best Represents the Character:

"...nevertheless, the wine was warming and reviving to the wounded man, and he looked across with something like pity to where his enemy lay, just keeping the groans of pain and weariness from crossing his lips. 'Could you reach this flask if I threw it over to you?'

Type of Character: Round & Dynamic
Explanation/Reasoning: Ulrich is a round character because their is much depth and complexity in his character. The reader sees how Ulrich struggles through his conflict with Georg; he battles with whether or not he should allow the feud to continue or if he should put an end to it. This is a difficult decision for Ulrich. In the end, he resigns to the feud and offers reconciliation and friendship to Georg. This change in Ulrich defines him as a dynamic character as well.

Type of Characterization: Indirect
Explanation/Reasoning: This quote exemplifies indirect characterization because we must infer from Ulrich thoughts, actions, and interactions with Georg that although he is stubborn, he is also capable of kindness, caring, and forgiveness.


Saki's real name was Hector Hugh Munro, but he wrote under the pen name Saki.
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