Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

What a Week!!!

8th grade worked on Media Literacy and we introduced the KIVA project, which I will explain more at the bottom of the page. We are also starting to design our ceiling tiles which is a special project for 8th graders only. They did an amazing job of coming up with and organizing a scavenger hunt for 3rd and 4th grade to get used to the building. They worked the stations and had the kids do various logic, math, and trivia questions.

6th-7th grade also did an incredible job creating a leprechaun scavenger hunt for 5th grade. They made flow charts, a store, logic problems, math problems, and riddles. This week in media literacy I showed them the impacts of photoshop and just how much pictures and video are edited and how those edits give an unrealistic view of reality and self-image.

5th grade learned two new games, Pandemic and Forbidden Sky!! They loved them both!! Then they were surprised by the onery leprechaun that lead them on their adventures through the school. They came back and created devices to try and steal the gold from the leprechaun. We also played the simulation of living on $1 a day. They were amazed at how difficult it was to survive on so little and the decisions you had to make.

3rd-4th grade also played the new games, went on the scavenger hunt, and tried to steal the gold. They started looking at their KIVA projects to try and start making their choices and doing their research. Finally, we finished our "Human Cannonball" projects and fired off a variety of Barbies to see how we did!

Next Week's Schedule

Monday - 8th grade - Smoke and Mirrors of Media Literacy, How does social media perpetuate challenges that can be harmful? How do we know what to do and how to avoid them? Kiva - The Power of We project, students will watch a documentary and try and live on $1 a day in various coutnries. and designing our ceiling tiles.

Tuesday - Smoke and Mirrors of Media Literacy, impact on Body Image and Self Esteem and KIVA Project. Students will finish the documentary $1 a Day and play a game where students are trying to survive on $1 a day but various things begin to happen to them and they have to make choices.

Wednesday - 5th grade - The Greatest Show on Earth - The science behind the HighWire and the Kiva Project. Students will watch the documentary and try and learn what it is like to live on $1 a day in certain countries.

Thursday The Greatest Show on Earth - The science behind the Human Cannonball act and the Kiva Project. Students will watch the documentary $1 a Day.

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Can not thank 1canoe2 enough for their donation of journals and planners!!! The journals will be used in our girl empowerment club that the 8th-grade girls are organizing called Power of Me! I am so excited to get this started and to see the impact that it will have!
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Asynch Behavior

This week we are going to start looking at listening with our heart and eyes. Communication is so much more than words but yet sometimes the words are all we hear. It was so much fun to watch all of the grades interact with each other this week. They listened, they helped, they complimented, they laughed, and I watched sometimes with teary eyes. It was so genuine and so real. But what I really noticed was how observant the kids were with each other. Watching when kids struggled or were nervous, helping when needed and encouraging when needed. The essence of working together!!! How do we get this to happen everywhere, all of the time??

This week we are going to focus on listening with our eyes and heart. How do we notice when others are struggling and how do we help out? How can we turn this into a leadership trait? I have shared the video that we will watch this week and it is a perfect example of listening with our eyes and heart. Being aware of the needs of others and acting upon it!!

Scholastic Book Orders

Several of the elementary kids requested access to the middle school level book orders. They are actually way better and focus on books instead of all of the knick-knack things. I have set up an online store and will also send home flyers. if you have never used the online order it is really easy and then the books will be delivered to me.
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College For Kids

There are still openings in Session 1 and Session 2!! If anyone is interested or has questions about this camp, feel free to call me or visit the link below. I will be at both sessions and several of our students will be attending as well.