3K News!

Week of 1/19-1/23, 2015


1/25: Tatem Roller Skating Party 5:30

1/27: Community Meeting

1/29: Techzel Orders are Due

Sailing Into 3K

To culminate our informational text unit, 3K wrote and edited articles for a 3K magazine. We used Time For Kids as our mentor text to get ideas of interesting articles and to see how the professionals organized their articles. Students worked in pairs to create a topic, to determine subtopics, to write their articles, to choose text features to enhance their articles, and to edit their articles.

3K students used all of their knowledge of informational writing to write professional articles, with careful detail to transition words, text features, expert words, and organization.

Follow the link to check out Sailing Into 3K Magazine.


Jump Starting Persuasive Writing Unit

This week, 3K started our persuasive writing unit. We started our unit by creating a strong thesis statement and finding reasons to back up our thesis. We invited our writing guest, Mrs. Schultz, to persuade her of our thesis statement: that we should have extra recess during our PARCC assessment in the spring.

Students developed speeches to persuade Mrs. Schultz. Students came up with great reasons to defend their thesis, such as that they will need to stretch their legs, they will need to get their blood flowing, and that they believe that extra recess will motivate them to do their best. Mrs. Schultz was very impressed with their persuasive speeches!

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Fact Power

3K has been practicing our multiplication fact power. We've been testing ourselves everyday to push ourselves to learn our facts quicker and quicker. Students have been making goals and working hard to accomplish their goals. Students are learning which facts they have fact power over, and which facts they need to continue to practice.

In order for students to keep mastering their multiplication facts, they need to practice their multiplication problems every night. Thank you for you help in making 3K students strong mathematicians!