Muffin Tin Digraphs

1st Grade Champs Spelling

Standard and Objective

Standard: L.1.2e: Spell untaught words phonetically, drawing on phonemic awareness and spelling conventions.

Objective: By the end of this game/activity, students will be able to write words using the sh, ch, th, wh, ph, and cl consonant digraphs.

Every Wednesday in ms. winter's classroom

Rules for Playing:

Students will toss a pom pom in a muffin tin. Each section of the tin has a different consonant digraph. The student will then be responsible for writing as many words that one can think of using the consonant digraph that is written in the section the pom pom lands. Once the student runs out of words to write the next student will have a turn. They will be assessed based on how correct they use the consonant digraphs in words. The students can play as many rounds as they would like!

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What all will i need to create the game?

- muffin tin

- pom poms

- sharpie

- pencil

- paper

- spelling brain!

A muffin tin will be used to separate consonant digraphs. The teacher will write with sharpie on the muffin tin. The pom poms will be used for the students to toss into the muffin tin.

Reinforcement and 2 variations

Reinforcement of the digraphs: students will have the opportunity to recognize digraphs in different words.

Variation 1: instead of writing consonant digraphs the teacher could write different blends or clusters in the muffin tin sections and the students could then write words. also could be used for older students and replace the consonant digraphs with prefixes and suffixes.

Variation 2: the teacher could write CVVC, CVC, CVCe, CV, R-controlled words, and ugh, kn, and wr in the sections. the students would then be challenged to write words according to the patterns.

Have fun learning and exploring! - Bridget Winter