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Wood Flooring Renovation

The timeless grace and beauty of wood flooring can give your home a unique appeal and charm. Wood, with its innate attractiveness and allure when well-polished and maintained, is something that can last for generations if you give it plenty of tender, loving care. Wood is highly durable when used for floors, not only at home, but also in high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals and dance-floors. However, it needs regular maintenance and attention. Unless you look after your wood flooring properly, it can stain, succumb to pest-attacks, warp, crack or split.

Wood flooring renovation services are available in large cities round the world. Most of them offer standard maintenance packages. If they have laid the flooring initially, you can avail of their annual maintenance plan whereby they will inspect the flooring regularly and attend to problems immediately. If you have an antique wood flooring, renovation is well worth the investment, as this can add huge value to your home, besides being a heritage piece for your pleasure and enjoyment.

It is advisable to hire the services of a professional wood flooring renovation expert to restore your precious floor.

The process of renovation involves:

Initial assessment: The floor is scanned for loose metallic objects like staples, screws or nails as these may snag in the sanding machines, tear or scratch your floor during renovation or get embedded making it difficult to remove them later. An assessment of the actual requirements is also made, such as stain removal, removing layers of old varnish, paint or lacquer. The damages are also made note of. If there are holes, suspicion of pest-attacks, cracks, splits or splintering or breakage in the wood, these have to be documented and an estimate is provided to the customer.

Preparation: A power-sander is usually used to sand down the boards in the direction of the grain. If your floor is really old and valuable, some companies even sand the floor manually, using progressively finer grades of sandpaper. The edges and borders are carefully sanded and cleaned. Some companies offer a dust-free technique, if you're allergic to dust. Dust is removed with a damp cloth and any holes and cracks are sealed/filled with wood-filler putty.

Finishing: Once the filler is dry, three or four coats of polyurethane or transparent wax coating are applied. The beauty of the grain should be highlighted and allowed to come through. Each coat should be thoroughly dry before the next. Two or three days are allowed for complete drying. Ideally the process should be undertaken in hot, dry weather. Furniture should be placed gently and not slid across freshly-polished flooring.

Generally, wood flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Wet mopping is not required and use of a soft brush is recommended to remove dust and dirt. With a proper and professional renovation job, your wooden floor can look elegant and rich while the room is filled with natural warmth and that inimitable star quality!

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