This Is Me!

I have Muscular Dystrophy

My Name is Rachel and I am 8 Years Old!

My Strengths: I love musicals, drawing, reading, and swimming. I love going to summer camp every year. I love playing with my friends and having lots of friends over on the weekends for play dates.

I have strong social skills and leadership skills. I love to plan events and be part of school clubs. I am a member of the Healthy Schools Club and was part of a group which presented healthy ideas through drama and music to the primary classes. I like public speaking and have shared about Muscular Dystrophy in my school.

My Individual Education Plan includes some alternative programming based on my health and physical needs. There are clear objectives to maximize independent mobility and to provide the necessary supports to continue using gross and fine motor skills. I follow the recommendations of my Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapists. I have more specific information about my health needs in my Individual Health Care Plan.

The Most Important Thing About Me Is . . . .

I have many strengths along with my needs. I want to be treated like the rest of my friends. I love to learn, work hard and play hard. I want to be recognized for my abilities not my disability.
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